Good Foods for Healthy Skin

Nowadays, it is very easy to walk into a store or shopping mall and get oneself a skincare cream of any choice. But why spend so much on these creams for skin maintenance when you can actually achieve this by simply carving out good foods for healthy skin?

Yes, the skin is a clear reflection of whether one eats healthy or unhealthy diets. What this implies is that certain foods, fruits, and vegetables can help maintain and improve one’s skin.

Let’s take a look at some examples of foods, fruits, and vegetables that are very good for maintaining beautiful and glowing skin.


good foods for healthy skin

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1) Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps protect the skin from sunburn (some research shows cooked and canned tomatoes contain more lycopene). Some other fruits rich in lycopene are grapefruits and watermelons.

2) Oranges

Oranges and some other fruits which are rich in vitamin C (strawberries and cooked spinach) are known to promote the growth of collagen. They help to fight damages caused by free radicals to the skin(which is responsible for aging).

Tip: Do you know that Red peppers contain about triple the vitamin-C content of oranges?

3) Fat

Consuming healthy fat helps to prevent dryness of the skin(which increases as we get older). The Avocado pear is a wonderful source of healthy fat.


4) Tea

It’s common to find green tea as a component of most skin creams. Green tea and black tea help provide the body with flavonoids that help reduce inflammation and prevent wrinkles.

5) Pumpkins, carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, egg yolks, and mangoes

They contain Beta-carotene which helps to repair damaged skin tissues and promote soft skin.

6) Beans/Soya Beans

You may find it surprising to know that beans contain hyaluronic acid,an essential agent for hydrating the skin and increasing it’s elasticity. It also has the element zinc which helps fight acne.

7) Walnuts, Almonds, and Pecans

These are great sources of protein and boost skin cells repair for improved elasticity and skin tone. In addition, the oils in nuts aid in hydrating the skin. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and supply the skin with a lot of elasticity. They are considered very good foods for healthy skin.


8) Fish

Sardines, cod, tuna, and salmon are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which do not only promote healthy skin but give you shiny hair. Most seafood is high in selenium (antioxidants that also promote skin elasticity).


Natural Remedies and Treatments for Stretch marks, eczema, pimples, burns, and wrinkles;

Avocado oil is good for the treatment of eczema and prevents stretch marks when applied directly to the skin.

Coconut oil is very effective in treating wrinkles when massaged gently into the skin.

It helps provide remedies for creased and sagging skin.

Cucumbers can be ground and applied regularly on the face to prevent pimples and enhance skin moisturization.


Honey when mixed with body creams cures dry skin effectively. It helps heal burns and prevents scars and keloids when applied directly to the affected skin.

By Aniebiet William


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