Godly Fashion: Ada Ehi Iconic Fashion Styles.

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Happy new month fashionistas! I know it’s already 6 days into the month but meh, I still wanna celebrate because (guess what?) it’s my birth month. That’s right, on the 21st of April, I will officially be turning 21 yrs old (smiles sheepishly). However, today I want us to discuss something very underrated, moderacy in fashion. There is a particular gospel artist who has shown a firm resolve. Especially when it comes to representing Godly fashion in the music industry. So without further ado, here is today’s topic: Godly fashion, Ada Ehi Iconic fashion style.

Who is Ada Ehi?

Ada Ogochukwu Ehi is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, recording, and performing artist. She started her carrier as a backup singer at the age of ten and has gone on to make waves in the music industry. However, one thing so special that Ada is known for is her Iconic fashion sense. I mean, if you type her name in the search box, there is a whole lot that could blow you away.

Some of her works are: Only You Jesus, Cheta, I Overcame, Jesus, I Will Sing, and Born of God · 2020. 

Her firm resolve when it comes to showing moderacy and godly fashion has given me such high hopes. She makes me ask this question: Who says fashion cannot be moderate? Or that fashion cannot evolve beyond exposing body parts? Fashion goes beyond the need to advertise your body parts. Instead, fashion is the evolution of originality and norms in clothes.

Ada Ehi is an inspiration with an iconic fashion style and that has made her not just popular but also a sight to behold. Her outfits, accessories, shoes, and albums, are all part of a great work in moderacy and Godly fashion.

Here are some of Ada Ehi’s iconic fashion styles:

1. Coat of many colors

Godly fashion: Ada Ehi Iconic fashion style

Ada exudes elegance, confidence, and fearlessness in this iconic jacket. It was styled and conceptualized by fashion stylist, Teni Olowu. Her outfit, which seems to depict a story of the coat of many colors, has become one of her favorite outfits that she wears. She pairs her jacket with a white gown and rocks color-playful sock heels. Okay, I just love this.

2. All forms of Pattern

The singer of “I Overcame” goes all out when it comes to pairing her patterns. She can literally go for the English or Ankara style but never fails to turn heads with them. She knows how to rock bold colors both on the red carpet and even in any function, simple or grand. However, what this proud mother of two continues to exude is nothing but moderacy and godly fashion.

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3. Ankara power

Okay, another thing I love this woman for is her ability to make Ankara look modernly traditional (yep, I said that, lol). She embraces all fashion materials and uses them to make statements. Her Ankara outfits are known to be one of the most outstanding (in my books anyways)

4. Regalia Moments

Just as regal depicts royalty, so also do Ada’s stunning outfits that make her look like a queen. Honestly, the more I look at these photos the more I’m tempted to get up and get my fabrics sewn into her styles. Ada’s contribution to fashion has not only changed the way people think about her music but also about what she stands for. It’s also not just the outfit she wears but the way she wears them (wink, gosh, I feel like a motivational speaker).

All of her music videos and albums show us the best way to look regal and still do the work of God. I mean, c’mon, you see a beautiful woman like this on a page and won’t click? Ada doesn’t just know how to style her outfits, but also takes into detail her accessories.

6. Street and chic

Ada sure knows how to rock our boats with her amazing street and chic styles. Her Instagram is filled with not just her amazing albums or videos but with her stunning looks.

The 2017 Groove Award winner has continued to make waves in her music career reaching more than one million subscribers on youtube. She is not just an artist or a fashionista but she is also a wife and a mother. Her life is an inspiration to many people and her fashion style is one that is so iconic that it beats custom trends.

Soo, that’s it for today and I sincerely apologize for not posting on time. Urgh, I’m in my final year in Uni and things are getting so heated up giving me lesser time on my screen. However, I still aim to please and bring you guys amazing topics as well as the content. Please like, comment, and share this blog post, and do not forget to read my books as they end.

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Later Fashionistas… (wink)

God bless you guys (love emoji)

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By Oluwatoyosi


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