Glowing Skin

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Skin is the most essential part of our body. It protects and receives sensory stimuli from the external surface.

We have to take care of our skin as it’s imperative for us.

Skincare is an essential part of our life. We have to make sure to take care of our skin every time.

As well as we have to look forward to our skin in winters as well. In summers, we should make sure to apply sunscreen on our skin as it protects the skin layer from extreme sun rays. Winters are arid, and it makes our skin dry due to less moisture. We have to moisturize our skin well for us to achieve that glowing skin.

There are different types of skin textures..,

Normal Skin: This skin is neither too dry nor too oily. It has a regular texture, no imperfections, and a clean, soft appearance.

Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin is more prone to react to stimuli to which normal skin has no reaction. It is fragile skin, usually accompanied by feelings of discomfort, such as heat, tightness, redness, or itching.

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Dry Skin: This is caused by external factors such as the weather, low air humidity, and immersion in hot water, and it is usually temporary.

Oily Skin: It has a porous, humid, and bright appearance. It is caused by excessive fat production by sebaceous glands and is usually determined by genetic and/or hormonal causes. It is frequent in adolescents and young people under 30 years old and is generally related to acne.

COMBINATION SKIN: It presents characteristics of both dry and oily skin.

SCALY SKIN: Repeated skin irritation due to environmental factors, such as the sun, the wind, dryness, or excessive humidity, may cause skin desquamation, that is, the detachment of big scales from the epidermis, which sometimes look like fine dust.

RED SPOTS: There is a large number of dermatological causes and diseases for the appearance of red spots or rash, including infections, heat, allergens, immune system disorders, and medications.

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The followings are the steps for glowing skin.

  • Cleanser
    Clean and refresh your face with the best cleanser which suits your skin type.
  • Mask
    Mask is designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin. Use mask in a weak for high concentration and hydrate the skin.
  • Toner
    A toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that delivers skin a quick hit of hydration and helps remove some dead cells.
    The serum is usually a liquid or gel containing high concentrations of skin actives.
  • Eye Cream
    Eye cream should have a tight spot in your beauty routine. As it helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  • Treatment
    If you have any acne, red spots, scars, etc., you should get a guideline from a dermatologist and use treatment for them.
  • Moisturize
    Make sure to use the best moisturize every day to have more concentration and hydration for the skin. Moisturizing Reduces Skin Problems. Moisturizing every day can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness.
  • Face oil
    Facial oils can help to seal in moisture, restore the skin’s lipid barrier, regulate sebum production, and provide vital nutrients to the skin.

Make sure to do skincare regularly according to your skin type. Skincare helps us to have glowing skin naturally, and it also helps to lessen the chance of getting wrinkles and spots at an early age.

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Photo credit: Pexels

By Mahum Nadeem

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