Glowing Eyes, Safe or Risky? A Comprehensive Guide to Vivid Neon Eyeliners

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, people started experimenting a lot with makeup and styling, which led to vivid neon eyeliners becoming a new trend everywhere. These eyeliners are now often seen gracing fashion shows and runways. Vivid neon eyeliners give such a unique look that they make anyone stand out in a crowd. For many, neon eyeliners offer a unique way to express themselves through makeup and a move toward a bold and adventurous look.

With advancements in technology in the makeup industry, eyeliners have become long-lasting and smudge-proof, which makes them a convenient and friendly option for everyone to wear on a daily basis. However, this leads us to the most important question that comes to mind; “Are they safe to wear?”

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What’s in the Vivid Neon Eyeliners?

Following the controversy surrounding renowned brands’ long-lasting lipsticks causing cancer, makeup enthusiasts have become somewhat skeptical about the ingredients used in makeup products. Particularly, the ambiguous terms used in the ingredient list have raised concerns. Makeup influencers have also played a great role in making people aware of the chemicals involved in the creation of makeup products that may have harmful effects. For most people, safety is now a priority, especially when it comes to makeup products for the eyes, as they come into direct contact with this sensitive area of the body.

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Phthalates and Parabens

Most vivid neon eyeliners are made up of synthetic pigments and chemicals that help generate neon colors. It’s better to check if the product has chemicals like phthalates and parabens or not, as they have been associated with severe health issues, so it is better to avoid products that include them. Parabens are used as preservatives, and phthalates are used as plasticizers in cosmetics, and both have a high potential for certain types of cancer. According to research, exposure to such chemicals can disturb the normal hormone function of the human body, cause early puberty in girls, increase the risk of breast cancer, and reduce the quality of sperm in men.


Another possible concern can be the utilization of unapproved pigments in the product formula, which can lead to infections and even blindness. Beauty experts always advise checking if the pigments utilized in the ingredient list of any beauty product are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or not.



Glitter is also a safety concern when used in eye makeup. Most glitters are comprised of microplastics or other harmful substances that can cause eye irritation when present in vivid neon eyeliners or any other makeup product.

Trusted Brands Neon Eyeliners

It is always ideal to choose high-quality products only from trusted brands and analyze each ingredient in the product description written on the product box, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Also, it is recommended by health professionals to seek professional advice before using vivid neon eyeliners or any other makeup for the eyes. To minimize exposure to harmful chemicals, makeup enthusiasts may also want to consider switching completely to organic makeup products that are free from harmful ingredients.


Vivid neon eyeliners have become a popular way to add color and style to one’s daily makeup routine. If people stay well-informed and cautious, they can use these products without compromising their health and well-being. It is also important to remember that no fashion trend or style is more important than health. Therefore, people should take all necessary precautions before using vivid neon eyeliners or any other makeup product.

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