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We all want that flawless look. We all want to get the right foundation. We all want blemish-free skin with a glow and even tone.  We all desire to have that glow in our skin,  but are we really putting in the effort that can eventually get us,  that natural glow?


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We all depend on cosmetics. There are valuable and expert advice everywhere. Trials and experiments have proven most of the products to be worth every penny. But the harsh truth is that, not all products or advice works for everyone.

The products we use, can adversely affect us. When this happens, we keep testing products. It is useful for us to accept, that there may be,  ingredients in certain products, which are not always,  user friendly.

The higher the price,  the better it works.” 

Although there may be much truth to that,  we are the ones to prove it. For this to be done,  we need to be dedicated and committed to following instructions and regular use. How many of us actually go the distance? Are we willing to discipline ourselves on this journey to accomplish that glow or to see general improvement in our skin over time? Is it more valuable to us, to have a glow and healthy skin,  as opposed to applying the cosmetics that perfect the glow,  giving a more satisfying look of healthy skin?


Healthy Skin
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We learn about the coffee,  the vitamins,  and seldom pay attention to our diet and the effect it can have on our skin. Although the diet and nutrition plays a key role in the overall health of the body and can affect the skin,  we usually,  without realising it, prefer to apply the plaster over the sore, instead of preventing the sore. Then,  we dedicate ourselves to reviews and research for the quick fix to our skin problems. For some of us, the diet is not the reason we have or don’t have,  skin issues. For others, it is.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

What may work for one person, may not work for another.  In light of this,  we should maintain our base. This means,  we should keep our diet and nutrition at the fore of our focus, so there will be less need for use of  too many different products and cosmetics. Carefully monitor your diet. Eat what agrees with you.


Less can sometimes mean more, when it comes to how we treat our skin, body and overall health. We tend to overdo in our eating, which can affect our diet.  Too much or too little of any nutrient can also impact on health and wellbeing. Little to no exercise is also another factor. Are we depressed, unhappy,  annoyed, or unable to identify the cause of our stress? In such instances,  the body and skim can be affected negatively. It is our duty to monitor our daily routines and  overall health. This is not the reaponsibility of our medical practitioners. It is our reaponsibility.

When stressed,  we can lose the glow in our skin.


  • Focus on the base, i.e your health and largest organ (the skin).
  • Use what you eat. This means,  you should put on your skin, what you put into your body. Such as using coconut oil, vitamin E,  water, honey, aloe vera, herbs and fruit.
  • Exercise. Walk, run, swim, etc. As long as you get that sweat.
  • Get sunlight. Yes. We need the sunlight. So skip the SPF for a few days every week to soak in some sun.
  • Laugh and smile more often. Think well. Stay calm and relax.
  • Sleep. Get some rest.
  • Breathe. Take deep inhales and exhale.

For those of us who may have adversely been affected by products used on our face specifically,  it is best to allow it time to breathe and heal. Wash the face with mild face cleansers for sensitive skin.  During the day, pat on some fresh herb that has been boiled and cooled,  such as lemon grass or mango leaves. Use only vitamin e oil on the skin but at night and take a detox now and then. Applying honey to the skin will also soothe and benefit the healing process.

Now that you know,  give it a go, and watch your skin, glow!

 Author: Tricia Brown, 2022.

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