Gigi Hadid Fashion: 13 Sexy and Best Red Carpet Moments

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Today it is all about Gigi Hadid fashion. Few names shine as brightly as Gigi Hadid when it comes to the world of fashion and glamour. This supermodel has graced numerous red carpets over the years leaving an indelible mark with her impeccable style and breathtaking beauty. here we will look at Gigi Hadid’s 13 best red carpet moments, showcasing her evolution into a true fashion icon.

1. 2015 Met Gala-Versace Gold: Gigi Hadid Fashion

It was nothing short of spectacular during Gigi Hadid’s first Met Gala appearance. Perfectly capturing the event’s theme “China: Through the Looking Glass.” she donned a shimmering gold Versace gown. She set the fashion world ablaze with her sleek ponytail and subtle makeup.

Gigi Hadid Fashion: sexy red carpet moments

2. 2016 American Music Awards-Atelier Versace:

Gigi’s daring white lace Atelier Versace dress at the AMAs was a perfect appearance. It’s thigh-high slit and intricate detailing showed she was a fashion force to be reckoned with.

3.  2017 Met Gala-Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid: Gigi Hadid Fashion

Gigi turned heads in a sleek collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger nude-colored gown adorned with crystal embellishments. The dress was a masterpiece of modern glamour.

2017 Met Gala-Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid: Gigi hadid fashion

4. 2017 CFDA Awards Red Jumpsuit:

Gigi looked for a bold red jumpsuit by the row at the CFDA Awards, showing her ability to effortlessly switch between high fashion and contemporary chic.

2017 CFDA Awards Red Jumpsuit: gigi hadid fashion

5. 2018 Met Gala-heavenly Bodies:

Gigi stunned in a Versace stained glass-inspired gown in keeping with the theme ” Heavenly Bodies”. The intricate design and her golden halo made her look like a celestial goddess.

2018 Met Gala-heavenly Bodies: Gigi hadid fashion

6. 2019 MTV Video Music Awards- Tom Ford: Gigi Hadid Fashion

Gigi looked for a unique, vibrant yellow pantsuit designed by Tom Ford. her bold choice showcased her fearless approach to fashion.


7. 2020 Grammy Awards-Prada power suit:

Gigi donned a sleek and powerful Prada suit for the Grammys, subverting traditional red carpet expectations with her androgynous look.

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8. 2020 Paris Fashion Week- vintage jeans Paul Gaultier:

During fashion week, Gigi took to the streets of Paris in a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier trench coat and thigh-high boots, showing her fashion prowess extends beyond the red carpet.

9. 2020 Fashion Awards- Metallic Mini:

Gigi shone perfectly at the Fashion Awards in a metallic mini-dress, solidifying her status as a true fashion icon.

2020 Fashion Awards- Metallic Mini: Gigi Hadid fashion

10. 2021 Met Gala -American Independence:

Gigi Hadid embraced the ” in America lexicon of Fashion” theme with a striking all-black Prada ensemble. Then complete with leather gloves and fiery red hair.

11. 2021 CFDA Awards- Prabal Gurung: Gigi Hadid Fashion

Highlighting Gigi Hadid’s natural beauty and elegance she showcased her maternal glow at the CFDA Awards in a custom Prabal Gurung slip dress.

2021 CFDA Awards- Prabal Gurung: Gigi Hadid Fashion

12. 2022 Oscars-Valentino couture:

Gigi chose a stunning for the Oscars ethereal Valentino couture gown in pale blue, capturing the essence of red carpet sophistication.

2022 Oscars: Gigi Hadid Fashion: sexy

13. 2022 Met Gala-Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier: Gigi Hadid Fashion

Showcasing Gigi’s consistency and timeless appeal, her second Met Gala appearance in a vintage jean Paul Gaultier ensemble was a nod to her earlier success.

2022 Met Gala: Gigi hadid fashion: sexy looks


Gigi Hadid has become a red carpet sensation in the span of just a few years gracing events with her ever-evolving style.


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