Fruit Facial 2022-23

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One of the blessings of nature is fruits. Fruits are considered nectar in Ayurveda. Fruits are so wholesome and beneficial for our health. We get various nutrients like iron, potassium, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, various salts, vitamins, and energy from various fruits. Fruits are not only beneficial for our health but also they are beneficial to enhance our beauty. In this section, we will understand how fruits and fruit facial enhance our beauty.

Though facial is a scientific activity and done under the guidance of experts, there are some types of facials we can try at home. If we are trying facials at home, we require cleanliness, calmness, and few instruments. If we are provided with these three things we can do facials at home. We can do various facials in the parlor. Various facials are done according to types of skin, the nutritional value of the skin, type of weather, and natural nutritional value. In fact, facials are done largely by using natural elements, out of which ‘fruit facials’ are very important. Fruit facials are done for glowing skin. But generally, we don’t know the other uses and benefits of fruit facials. We bring a readymade facial kit assuming as a natural one and do a facial. In this article, we shall see scientific information about fruit facials, their method, and their merits.

It is always beneficial to eat fruits for strong and excellent health. The important element we get from fruits is energy. We require a particular quantity of energy for our day-to-day activities and fruits and this need is fulfilled by fruits. Fruits available according to the months and seasons encourage us to do our daily chores. The sugar present in the fruits satisfies the need for the energy required after exertion. Most of the time we neglect this characteristic of fruits and consumption of fruits has remained limited, only when we are sick.

Whatever benefits fruits have for our health are the same we have for our beauty. We get all-around help from fruits to enhance our beauty. The elements in the fruits protect our skin and hair, ultimately they protect our beauty inside out. Fruits conserve them and make them grow. Fruits contain moisture and they also have a great capacity to hold water. This capacity to hold water makes them grow basic elements in them. Direct glucose found in fruits provides the body with sugar immediately. The availability of sugar makes them have a high energy content. Fibers in the fruits, like the body, nourish our beauty.

Our skin needs a lot of water. The water in the fruits saves our skin from becoming dry. Dry skin gets a lot of ailments. If the skin gets wetness, it remains moisturized. Due to water skin becomes soft. Fibers present in fruits remove dirt from the skin and the base of the gets cleaned. Extra sugar in the fruits provides the skin with glucose. Fruits like lemon, tomato, and orange bleach the skin, and the skin glows. Skin gets an instant glow from the sugar present in fruits. Unlike other artificial facials, fruit facials last long. Because fruit facials provide skin with water, remove dirt, provide nutrition and make skin glow.

A large number of people are using fruit facials because they are natural and provide multi-vitamins to the skin. Nowadays fruit facial kits are available in the market and they come in large varieties. These varieties confuse us about which packs should be used according to various skin types. Various types of skin and various fruits with various elements confuse us about what to choose.

* The following chart will help you.


1) Normal skin: Banana, papaya

2) Dry skin. : Banana, mango

3) Oily skin. : Lemon, orange

4) Mixed skin. :. Pineapple, guava, watermelon.


* Fruits and their qualities (good for facial)

1) To conceal and remove marks on the face: lemon, tomato, mango

2) For extra glow: orange, lemon, tomato

3) To provide moisture: Banana and papaya

4) To provide glucose to the face: avocado, apple, pineapple.

fruit facial

* Scientific method of fruit facial:

1) Wash your face and clean it.

2) Use tissue paper to dry it.

3) Take two spoons of fruit pulp, an almond, and one spoon of semolina ( coarse wheat flour ) and use them as a scrub.


4) Mix Orange or any other fruit in milk and scrub on the face.

5) Give horizontal strokes on the forehead, on the nose vertical, on the chin up, and on the chicks circular strokes.

6) Wash your face with rosewater or lukewarm water.

7) Squeeze lemon in water and take steam from it.

8) Immediately apply any of the following fruit packs.

9) Let the pack be dried for 20 minutes.

10) Wash your face with cool water and dry it with tissue paper.

11) Once you finish your facial, apply natural fruit cream and again use tissue paper.

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* Fruit facial packs :

1) Bleach mask: Mix 3 spoons of each – lemon juice, orange juice, and sandalwood powder and apply onto the face.

2) Glow mask: Take 2 spoons of each – Honey, the pulp of apple and Mooltani soil mix them and apply onto the face.

3) Multi-vitamin mask: Take 2 spoons of each- banana pulp, papaya pulp, and orange juice mix them and apply on the face.

4) Face mask: Take 2 spoons of each- pineapple pulp, guava pulp orange pulp mix them and apply onto the face.

5) French mask: Mix the avocado pulp with mud and apply it to the face.

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By Sainath Pathak

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