Front Open Abaya – 5 Effortless Ways to Style Fashionably!

Open Abaya
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Open Abaya is a full-length gown worn by women over her clothes. It is modest fashion and looks trendy and elegant when worn in different colors, cuts, designs, and patterns. Earlier women used to wear them in an only plain cloak-like garment in black color, but now times have changed, and a wide variety of stylish abayas are available, keeping it up with our modest values.

We love our abayas in the same way we love our shoes, bags, and other accessories. And styling them in different ways is another story altogether. 


Front Open Abaya Styling

Front open abayas are usually similar to kimonos that women love to wear with various outfits. These look super stylish if styled in the right way with their unique drape quality to belted varieties.

Here are some styling suggestions you can go for while wearing a front-open abaya.

 1. With a Dress under an Abaya

Style it with a maxi dress in different colors and patterns. Choose a contrasting color so that the clothing and an abaya complement each other well. You can choose to wear a belt that emphasizes your waist. It is a chic option for evening wear, giving your outfit an A-line look adding a flattering shape to your outfit. Carry a classy clutch or a handbag and opt for some closed heels. 

dress abaya

2. With Full Black 

Black can never go wrong. Wear a full black dress under your colored, printed, or patterned abayas. It is best styled for a casual evening or a coffee date with friends. Based on the occasion you are headed, go for a full black headscarf and your sneakers or heels. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses if headed out in the daytime. Carry a handbag and minimum jewelry to make you stand out.

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black abayablack abaya

3. With Monochrome Outfits

Monochrome colors are never out of fashion. Please choose a color and play with its different hues to style yourself with an abaya. A lighter shade dress with a darker abaya or vice versa will look super trendy and stylish. Wear it with sandals or heels, and don’t forget to accessorize yourself elegantly. 

monochrome open abaya

4. With Skirts

A wrapped or a circle skirt will look good with an open abaya. Choose a style as per your personal preferences. Give a pop of color to your look or leave it plain and simple, depending upon your mood. Wear a matching headscarf and finish your look with heels or a sandal. 

skirt abaya skirt abaya

5. With Jeans or Trousers

Wearing jeans under your abaya is always a good idea. It keeps things casual and relaxed. It is an ideal option for running errands or a lazy afternoon meet-up with your friends at your café nearby. 

You can also style your abaya with a trouser or palazzo pants for a more formal appearance. The waist belt will complement the look beautifully. Choose a white shirt or a top and a headscarf that glorify your complete look.

trouser with open abaya

jeans with open abaya

The most important thing you should emphasize while choosing an abaya for yourself is its fabric. It has to be comfortable enough to layer it with your innerwear outfits easily. Keep yourself updated about the weather conditions, dress up accordingly to avoid sweating underneath.

A front open abaya means that you will be wearing the inner outfits that have to speak for themselves. They must be comfortable and adequately covered up for you to dress modestly regardless of whatever abaya or dressing style you choose to wear. 

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