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Fashonation Forums Hairstyles Haircuts for long hair?

  • Sophia Marie Smith

    May 6, 2021 at 5:00 am

    Here are some of my favorite haircuts:

    1. Layered locks

    The layered cut is unarguably the most beautiful haircut for long hair. You can play with the look and texture and still get to keep your length. It has been the go-to look for many celebs as it comes with a lot of perks too. It adds volume and texture to your hair and makes your long locks far from boring when you style them. A messy bohemian braid or a bun or even ponytail is easier to pull off and style in layered long hair. You can go for step layers starting from the first chop on front hair till shoulders going all the way till your back. Plus, this haircut suits every hair type and face shape.

    2. Big on bangs

    If you can’t seem to chop your locks even an inch, but still want to transform your hair, we suggest you go for the fab fringes to team with your long hair (of the same length, of course). Long hair and bangs are a winning duo and an excellent way to change your look, believe me. Bangs are so versatile that they can turn any boring hairstyle into a pretty one. Do we really don’t need to tell how adorable your updos, braids, and half up half down hair look with a fringe cut? We don’t think so! Take your pick from the wispy, curtain, parted, or baby bangs and add it a little edge to your hairdos.

    3. Straight cut

    It was just a couple of months ago when glass hair—which is glossy hair with a sharp end—created a buzz and everyone wanted that look. Though it is usually sported with a bob cut, don’t let anyone tell you it is only for the short-haired people. This haircut with blunt ends looks equally chic on long locks as it does on shoulder-length hair. Whether you have wavy or poker-straight hair, it flatters all. And, you really don’t have to chop off much of your hair, just an inch or two to get the sharp cut. This haircut looks best on a half-up top knot or hair let loose.

    4. U cut

    Here is a hair inspiration for a subtle change if you are not big on OTT hair transformation. Instead of adding layers to your entire mane, give it a defined frame in the form of a U-shaped cut. It lends an angled structure to your strands on the sides, making your hair look long and swoopy. The classic U cut is an understated and no-risk haircut for long hair that adds some dimension and volume to your hair. While it can look a little bland on straight hair, it really flatters a curly hair type. For a glamorous look, U-cut hair can be styled in a sleek updo or a low ponytail and for a casual look, a jazzy half-up half down hairdo would best suit this cut.

    5. Thick fringe

    This is a great option for those who are happy with the length and do not want their hair to be messed up with any trim whatsoever. Amongst the many haircuts for long hair, the thick fringe would work best here? However, there are many types of fringe cuts that are in vogue. Which one would work best on your hair and face cut? We recommend you ask your hairstylist first and then go ahead and chop those locks.

  • Jane Fashion

    May 6, 2021 at 5:10 am

    1. Long hair with bangs

    If you have long hair, add bangs to make it look more attractive and gorgeous. This hairstyle flatters your feature with a unique and cute look. You can either keep it with a middle or side parting. Bangs are great especially if you want to hide your fine lines.

    2. Braids for your long hair

    Braids are one of the hairstyles that are loved by most women. It goes well with every hair length. Braiding for long hair is perfect for wedding ceremonies and every event.

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