Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2022

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It doesn’t take much to spice up your hairstyles for work, as all you need to do is a little searching for formal hairstyles for long hair. You are always expected to look your best in style, well trimmed, and fresh, even through a computer screen. However, you can make the most out of working from home by sporting formal hairstyles and feeling your best for any special formal occasion. Scroll down for unique ideas

1. Bouffant:

2. Cinnamon Bread:

3. Classic Waves:

1. Bouffant:

Comb your hair until it is straight and tangle-free. Now take the front part of the hair, lift it up a bit to give a bouffant look, take it towards the back and tighten the pin. Let the remaining hair fall out.

formal hairstyles for long hair boufant


Another great style for wavy hair: Comb hair with side partings. Leaving the front hair loose, take some strands from just above the top of your ears or behind your ears and braid tightly. Now take this braid from one side of the head to the other and pin it in at the back. Let the remaining hair stay loose.

formal hairstyles for long wavy braid


Style your hair in intense waves and create a side parting. Now take some hair from the front and twist it tight, bringing it back to one side. Leave some strands loose in front to create a messy, relaxed look. Bring the remaining hair to the same side and gently tie it around the ear. Bring the tied hair towards the front and let the waves show.

formal hairstyles for long hair braids

In conclusion, spicing up your hair using these formal hairstyles for long hair can be very easy. And you can look your best for work, play, and formal events.

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By  Areena Bakhtawar


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