Following Trends or your Heart??

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In this world different trends come and go like seasons. Trends change from time to time to cope up with latest styles and demands. Different trends always leave their impact on culture and society. But the question is why should we follow the latest trends? Why shouldn’t we should follow our own fashion sense and unique taste? Let’s find the answer in this blog.

Glamour of Trends:

Trends are a way to stay connected with society. It provides a sense of shared values and experiences, it also sometimes is a way to start a conversation with others. So what is the problem in following trends?

The problem lies in the fact that we blindly follow trends without keeping in mind our personal style, taste and values. It should be considered that trends are not always line up with our personality.

The Visionless Obedience:

When a new trend comes to the market people blindly follow them even if it is uncomfortable, weird and odd. This blind obedience raises a question to the autonomy of individuals. The desire to fit in to the standards of society and fear of missing out are the main causes to follow trends. It is essential to realize that confidence, elegance and style comes from our own uniqueness rather than just following fleeting fashion trends.

Follow your Heart:


To show our individuality it is crucial to embrace our personal preferences and unique choices. Instead of imitating others, we should focus on the fashion that make us comfortable, genuine, unique and confident. In this way we will be able to represent self-expression and self-assuredness.

The Power of Self-Expression:

Fashion is a form of self-expression. When we choose to follow our heart and our personal taste over trends, it means that we are actually portraying our beliefs, values, and personality via our own fashion sense. It also resonates with our genuineness and attracts our people because they also appreciate our unique style.


A consistent effort is required to make a balance between following trends and individuality. Trends are not a bad thing we have already discussed that. We should always be open to new styles. But the thing is we only need to make sure that the trend aligns with our personal taste. If we are following a trend it should not fade out our uniqueness. But if we feel that a particular trend is not suitable for us we should be able to say “NO” to it. We should be confident in our personal choices and stay genuine to ourselves first.


In a world full of ever-changing trends, it is our decision whether we should follow a particular trend or our personal and unique style. We should find a balance between following the latest trends and our individuality. The thing is that we should not blindly follow fashion trends, we need to figure out whether this trend aligns with our personality, dignity, and grace or not.

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