Pretty Flower Fashion 2022, How About It By The Ear Or In The Hair? BEAUTIFUL

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I’ve seen a lot of things done in terms of fashion research, but I never expected to be motivated to write about ‘Flower Fashion.’ Fashion encompasses almost everything, so how about a flower behind your ear/hair? This creates a lovely, feminine summer look, in my opinion. Let’s get started.

When I say flower fashion, most people think of floral dresses with print or patterns (Check my blog here on floral print dresses), dresses made out of actual flowers, or something similar, and while all of those are lovely, I was inspired to write about flower fashion, but this time with a twist: flower fashion that is stuck behind the ear/hair. Some of us, like myself, who enjoy the various lovely flowers, would probably just choose one at random and place it behind our ears, and boom! lovely addition or even a just a cute girly hair accessory

I read on the internet that wearing a flower behind your ear has different meanings depending on whether you are single or married “Wearing a flower behind your right ear indicates that you are single and you are in a relationship if you wear the flower behind your left ear “I was in awe because I had never known of this. It was just flower fashion to me, an easy accent to your summer/seasonal outfits, to the beach, picnics, and so forth.

Since then, wearing flowers in one’s hair has been fashionable, and while you’ll usually see brides wearing it, a lot of individuals are getting back into the flower fad, so why not? Have you ever considered that the majority of us design our own style? It may not be the most popular or fashionable, but it is UNIQUE. It’s your sense of style.               Check out my blog here on how to Improve Your Fashion Sense.

We’re constantly looking for new and unique ways to include fashion and create something fashionable, and adding flowers in your hair or even behind your ear is the quickest and easiest way to seem like a blossoming beauty while being creative and unique this summer. This can be the flower fashion inspiration for you, honey.

FLOWER FASHION- Flowers In The Hair

Wearing flowers in your hair is like having your own personal garden perched atop your head. I just had to throw that in there.


As I previously stated, we also see a lot of brides with flowers in their hair. This wedding is more tropical in nature, as evidenced by the bride’s lovely flower hair adornment.

Here’s another stunning bride. Yes, flowers can be stuck in the hair, and to make it even more fantastic, it can be customized and turned into a wreath, how cool is that? Not only flower fashion, but also a flower garden above your head. lol


flower fashion flower fashion flower fashion

Looking at these photos makes me want to put flowers in my hair since I’m so in love with them. There are so many flowers to select from in so many various hues that would go with your favorite yellow, pink, or even blue dresses, tops, whatever your outfit, there is a flower for you. Have you seen those wonderful multicolored flowers?


flower fashion
Tye-Dye Rose

This is just one example think about the many others just as pretty as this you can make as your hair accessory.

FLOWER FASHION- Flower Behind The Ear

There are many exotic flowers to touch, see, smell, and even wear as fashion accessories, so why not put one behind your ear? This can be a beautiful vibe for summer, a beachy tropical feel.


flower fashion

I may not recognize every type of flower I see, but I do recognize hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus can be found growing in a variety of places, from the side of the road to most backyards. They are beautiful and come in a variety of hues. As can be seen in the first and third photographs, the ladies are wearing them behind their ears in red and pink.


Flower Fashion distinguishes itself from the other varieties by placing flowers in the hair or behind the ear. It’s perfect for the summer, and it’s also a favorite for photoshoots and creative videos.

Here’s a photo from a shoot that is just one of my faves. The lovely model is wearing flowers in her hair with stalks, which I have never seen before. After all, why not? BEAUTIFUL!!




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