Five Unique Curly Hair Styles:

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Curly hair styles can be soft and pretty or make a bold statement, but finding the right hairstyle is essential. There are many ways to wear your curls, with cuts that add to the volume or those that are heavily layered and remove the weight and bulk. We can also experiment with different lengths; short curls are easy to maintain, while longer hair shows off your texture and gives you a feminine finish.

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Wear your luscious locks in a romantic updo for special occasions or try out a daring and edgy option like a blue mohawk or 80s perm. These are the best hairstyles to choose from, whether you want to style your curly hair long or short, with bangs or without, in bright hues or natural colors.

Here are some hairstyles for curly hair.

1. Balayage Bob with Curly Hair

Curly hair is a versatile texture that lends itself well to multiple cuts and colors. If you want to give your hair even more depth and dimension, you can achieve this with balayage. The coloring technique is hand-painted onto the hair in a sweeping effect, achieving a more natural appearance than traditional foils. The coloring is also less maintenance and not as time-consuming as it does not involve dying the entire head of hair. This is a wonderful way to add color to your hair with minimal damage, including blonde or caramel hair color tones over darker hair.

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2. Medium Length Edgy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is an edgy and cool haircut that has been trending on social media. The cut is a blend between a shag and a mullet and can be adapted to suit your preference. This includes cutting it on different hair textures experimenting with color and length.


For curly hair, this can remove the bulk and make your hair easier to style. Curls will also give a look a softer and more blended finish, which makes it easier to wear. When cutting your hair, it is best to seek a hairdresser who specializes in cutting curly hair. This will give you the best results.

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3. Curly Hair with Hair Extensions

When determining the perfect look for you, there are several ways to do this. The simpler options are the best for some, while others want more detailed and intricate looks. If you want to achieve a hairstyle or texture that you cannot naturally, this can be done with hair extensions. Adding synthetic or natural hair can help you increase the length and thickness. It can also give you different textures, for example, very straight or curly strands.

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4. Short Curls with Bangs

Wearing your curls short can make them more voluminous but will also add movement and bounce to your look. This is also a practical option as hair feels lighter, and the shorter length can remove bulk and weight from your hair. There is something very dreamy about curly hair, and it can soften the features when paired with bangs. The way the curls fall around the face will draw attention to the eyes. Bangs can also give you a youthful appearance and are great for framing the face and hiding signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles.

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5. Voluminous Curly Ringlets

Embracing your natural curls is a beautiful thing, and ringlets can be worn long or short. Keeping them shorter will make them more voluminous and springy, leaving you with hair that is bouncy. This hair texture is prone to dryness and frizz, so wearing it short can ensure it is kept in its best possible condition.


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By Hina Khan 


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