Five Beautiful Bubu Style for Parties


Hey! Is Cynthia here again? Your favorite girl who brings you the latest African fashion all the way from Nigeria. Today I am going to show you my six favorite bubu gowns perfect for parties.

         Number one

bubu gown 1

Wawuuh this gown screams class. Fit for wedding parties or Club meetings. Husbands will attend with their wives and they will walk hand in hand. While all eyes are on them. The man smiled and nodded with a proud satisfied look. Shaking hands and greeting people. and telling anybody who cares to listen to “Meet My Wife” made with beautiful expensive silk, I said “class” because looking at this gown, it smells classy, rich, and expensive including stylish. Even if you decide not to wear it with jewels,  you will still look class and rich too

               Number two

bubu gown 2

Suitable for politician’s wives you know. Especially middle-aged women going with their husbands for a birthday party of one of their political members. And his wife dazzling in this rich stylish bubu waving and smiling. It will hide your curve and you can slay without drawing too much attention. What do you think?

           Number three

bubu gown 3

Beautiful isn’t it? This is suitable for church. I said church because of the scarf. Here in Nigeria people usually cover their hairs before entering the church. The scarf was folded in a beautiful pattern and compliments the gown. I think the scarf gave the gown a complete look. can you wear the gown without the scarf? Please comment.


             Number four

bubu gown 4

This gown is fit for a casual outing. Are you going to visit your fellow rich friends in their offices or stores even their houses? This will be perfect for influencers and celebrities. Is suitable for flying since it is a loose gown, saying goodbye to you feeling uncomfortable. It can match with any jewelry of your choice. I call it a time saver and is suitable for emergencies when you don’t have time to pick and select your outfit. You can wear it with sneakers, high heels or flats. With any handbag. A lot of Nigerian female celebrities wear them too. I saw one walking into a salon with this bubu putting on shades with cameras running after her

                   Number five

bubu gown 5

Hey! Now, let’s take a break from bubu with the long hand. Perfect for get-together parties and birthday parties. or even end-of-the-year parties. This gown is giving a boss lady look. You can even wear it to an informal meeting. This is so stylish. And I also think that you can wear flats and slippers. Giving you this casual but not casual look. Pls share your opinion and comments.

               Number six

bubu gown 6

Am from the eastern part of Nigeria. And we bury and mourn our dead differently like everybody else. We normally have mourning for the immediate family and another for friends and well wishes. So one of these clothes is white lace although We use white for other things. But on my part, we normally wore white lace on the burial day and some even wore them with shades. Putting on beautiful red beads. Weird right? Well, we mourn differently. So I say this is a beautiful outfit for a burial. don’t get me wrong. Is our culture. Share your opinions.



Photo credit Pinterest.

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