Fashion trends from 2022 we want to banish in 2023 :

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Every year, a brand-new, weird, and repulsive style is introduced, and 2022 fashion trends were no different! Shorter trend cycles and micro-trends dominating the fashion industry for a few months as opposed to several years are becoming more common due to the advent of quick fashion. When so many micro-trends are practically found every day, we also see some less-than-appealing fashion “don’ts” making their way to the runways, red carpets, and even our homes.

Here is a list of 2022 fashion trends that we hope to avoid in 2023!

1. 2022 Fashion Trends To Banish:  HIP CUTOUTS

Numerous A-list celebs, like Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Olivia Wilde, embraced the cutout trend this year and donned amazing clothing. But as the year drew to an end and hip cutout dresses gained popularity, many turned away. And let’s face it, hip cutouts are undoubtedly the least beautiful of all of them, even though we have seen them in some of the least desirable places.

2. 2022 Fashion Trends To Banish: MEGA FRINGE 



If you don’t truly enjoy the exaggerated dust-mop look, you won’t feel comfortable wearing the Hyper Fringe trend. And we all like a little bit of the fringe in moderation. Designers need to reevaluate their extravagant, heavily fringed clothing. 

3.  2022 Trends To Banish: HIP WADERS : 



Since winter has finally arrived, we can now display our extensive assortment of the knee- and ankle-length boots. But what’s the deal with the hip-wader boot craze? If I may ask, why is it even a thing in the first place? These Hip Waders are large, loose, and flashy—everything we detest in footwear. They seem really uncomfortable, and wearing clothing is difficult. 

4. 2022 Fashion Trends To Banish: MICRO MINIS 


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This year, Diesel’s micro short skirt—more of a belt than a miniskirt—received a lot of flak. And this made me wonder: What purpose do even these small miniskirts serve? They are really challenging to wear with crop tops, which are currently fashionable but actually only work for those with a zero-size body. The clothing obviously restricts movement and raises the possibility of wardrobe malfunction.

5. 2022 Trends To Banish: BABES IN TOYLAND 


fashion trends 3


Because it was designed especially for fancy dress occasions, we don’t want this style to come back in 2023. After all, who would accessorize or wear inflated or plush toys? Would you? This year, this concept appeared on a number of runways, including Moschino’s spring/summer 2023 presentation at Milan Fashion Week.

6. 2022 Fashion Trends To Banish: PUFFER OVERSIZED  


fashion trends 2

Many critics consider the extravagant puffer coats and costumes worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Irina Shayk, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Bad Bunny to be a symptom of style failure. They make you appear ungainly and hide the gorgeous clothes you are wearing on the inside. 


7 . 2022 Trends To Banish: GINGHAM 


fashion trends 1


The gingham fashion trend includes everything from wearing striped or checkered patterns in white and a contrasting colour to wearing gingham. They were shown on several feminines and conventional designs at various luxury brands this year, but with time they became a dependable choice for people who aren’t too comfortable attempting fresh appearances. 

That’s all about Fashion trends from 2022 we want to banish in 2023.

Thanks for reading.

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By Deepa Verma




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