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It’s good to be back. Lots have happened during my break from blogging. Well, that’s that, I wanted to blog about a fashion styling career no one talks about or how to start on your own. Do’s and don’ts. What are the important things to remember before joining or taking a course about styling?

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When you’ve decided that you want to be a fashion stylist. Now, there is a list of fashion styling careers.

fashion styling careers

Editorial Fashion Stylist.

Commercial Stylist.

Runway stylist.

Celebrity Stylist.

Product Stylist.

Personal Stylist.

E-Commerce Stylist

Retail Stylist/Fashion Consultants


Wardrobe Stylist

Image Consultants

If you’ve decided to be a celebrity stylist. Things you need to be aware of before joining or applying for internships.

1. In Step one you need to know detailed information about each fashion designer and what is their creations about and what inspired them. (Example: Sabyasachi Mukherjee is famous for bridal collections). There are many new aspirants with new and admiring creations of garments. From fast fashion to sustainable fashion. Then comes jewelry designers and creations (like Minerali, Bluestones, Isharya Bandra West, and Popley. These are a few jewelries and their PR details. You need to know their work timings.


You need to always carry your own styling kits when at work or not at work.

Items you need in your stylings kits are mentioned below: These are the essentials kits and must have when working as fashion styling interns or assistant stylists.

fashion styling essentials

Small Scissors

Needle & Thread ( colors possible)

Safety pins (small and big)

Double-sided tapes

Lint roller

Wet wipes

Marker & Sharpies

Fashion Tapes

Low beams

Boob stickers

Metal Paper clips (Clamps)

Sweat Pads

Quintessentials Pins

Rubber bands ( fabric and elastic band)

Silicon Cups and Innerwear

Measuring tapes

Tissue paper

Blu/White tack

Hook and eye and Buttons

You can find more details about how to use the kits by the bloggers’ list below:


Youtuber by: Basia Richard (10 Fashion styling kit essentials That Every Stylist should have)

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