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Fashion is for everyone irrespective of their gender. Anyone can wear whatever they please and should not be subjected to judgment but still, there are some specific fashion struggles women face on day to day basis that I don’t think anyone will be able to understand unless they go through it themselves, Including men!



Not being able to wear a dress because we haven’t waxed


There is nothing wrong with having hair on your body and is the most natural thing ever, but there might be some girls like me out there that just don’t like having legs and arm hair and it’s our personal choice🙆‍♀️ but still waxing is a headache, don’t get me wrong.😂


Our love-hate relationship with heels


We love wearing heels, they make us look tall, make our legs look long and overall give a very sexy and glamourous look. But what about the pain that comes as a free gift with it. The pain in ankles, toes, and sometimes even back🤦‍♀️  But will I stop wearing heels? Hell Nah!


Finding the perfect bra! *Evil laugh*

Finding the perfect bra is like finding your soulmate! A bra that fits you perfectly, is neither too tight nor too loose. It’s a hard job that no one gives attention to!


Wearing light coloured clothes  on your Periods


First of all if you can do that, just remember, I aspire to be like you! The risk that comes with wearing light Colour clothes on your periods is just not for me.

Going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit


 Jumpsuits are nice as you don’t have to worry about styling clothes, wear a jumpsuit and you are all done, no need to find a matching top or bottom. It’s all good until, you guessed it, need to use the washroom. Then it’s game over!

The case of tricky undergarments


Finding your perfect size is another headache but then pairing the right undergarments with the right clothes is also a tricky situation. Also, can we change the name thongs to thorns?

Have you ever faced any of these situations? Did I miss any? Let me know!

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Blog by: Priya Grover

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