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Do you also aspire to have beautiful curves? Being curvy is all fun and good until these fashion struggles come by!  Let us look at some of the problems our curvy friends might have definitely faced once in their lifetime.



Shopping online is like trying to find a worthy date on tinder

Have you ever shopped online? Most of the brands online do not sell plus size clothing! And if they do it’s all the same old boring stuff.  Why. Can’t brands improve their size range and sell trendy stuff in plus size also? Ahh.


Three-quarters of your closet is just really stretchy stuff!

Now that brands do not have proper sizes for us curvy ladies, we have no other option than just to buy stretchy clothes that we know will fit all of our curves.


You have to wiggle-wiggle-wiggle to get your pants over your hips

It’s hard to find pants that fit both your hips and your waist and if you get lucky enough to find a pair, it’s a whole struggle to get them over your butt!


Dresses look bomb on you but thigh chafing is a real b*tch

 Thigh chafing is perhaps one of the most common thigh-related skin problems. It happens as a result of friction when your inner thighs rub against each other, damaging your skin and hurts like hell.

‘Free-size’ is a nightmare!

Did we hear free-size! A size that only fits a portion of females and yet called free-size? How hard is it to understand that everybody is different and hence one size can never fit all!

Those peepholes when you wear a button-up shirt

These awkward peepholes you get when you wear bottom-up shirts that won’t let you sit, eat, stand-actually just EXIST- in peace.

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Pants that fit around your waist are too loose around your ankles, party poopers!

If you end up finding a pair of pants that fits around your waist and hips, will they fit your ankles? The struggle to find the pair that fits your curves is real!

You have to try everything on before you buy it

Shopping, for you, is a whole exercise as you will have to try on anything you want to buy! Because we can never trust brands to be true to their sizes, given for plus sizes!

Have you ever faced any of these! I don’t know how to feel about being curvy? Sometimes I love it and then in situations like these, I just wanna scream!

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Blog By: Priya Grover

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