Some fashion bloggers are saying that fashion journalists have lost credibility.

Have you ever wondered why fashion journalism was once a growth industry, with job offers pouring in for educated, young people? Well not anymore. The fashion influencers are ringing the death knell for journalism as we know it and are taking over the market.

The fashion influencers in India are ringing the death knell of fashion journalists Some of you must be wondering why anyone would ever want to ring a death knell for these people 😉 . Well, Indian fashion journalists are experts at one thing –  elevating their status as an exclusive club – which might be deep in the trenches of mediocrity and irrelevance – but it sure is exclusive.

The sad part is that a vast majority of women have absolutely no idea about this exclusive club. If a designer names them, then they will attend the launch event. There is no need for any critical analysis, just do it for the designer or for a shoe or scarf or whatever it may be that was given to you as a token of appreciation!

What are your thoughts on the death knell of fashion journalists?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the death knell of fashion journalism. There is so much great writing out there on the topic, but I’m seeing less and less of it in print. What are your thoughts on this?

I think we are moving away from the gatekeepers and into an age where anyone can be a fashion writer if they want to be.

This is a really interesting question and one that I’ve been following closely as well. At first glance, it might appear that there are fewer people who are interested in fashion journalism, but what I find is that there’s a difference between those who read it and those who write about it. It’s like a chicken-and-egg situation: Do we have fewer fashion journalists because readership has declined or have fewer readers followed the subject because there aren’t enough writers?

I think we’re in an interesting time right now where there’s both more interest in fashion and more information available than ever before — thanks to social media and online publishing platforms like Medium — but also a lack of high quality content around topics like beauty, personal style, shopping tips, etc…

What is your opinion on Indian fashion journalists?

Everywhere in the world the fashion industry works in the same way, but not in India. Here, a handful of fashion journalists make or break careers. You can do a massive show with an Oscar-winning director, and if the journalists don’t like your collection you’re doomed.


It’s bizarre how much power they have. They write for newspapers and magazines with tiny circulations and minuscule advertising revenues. Their readers are not going to buy expensive clothes, so what are their opinions worth? But the power of these publications comes from two sources. One is that fashion journalism is a bit like movie reviewing: some people want to read those reviews regardless of how many other people read them. The other is that journalists from these publications get invited to all the big shows, so they’re seen as influencers by the people who pay for those shows – like designers’ clients and corporate sponsors – because they influence mobile-phone companies and airlines to sponsor them.

The result is that there’s no room for small innovative designers in India unless they can strike up a friendship with one of these influential critics (and if they do get coverage, it’s usually just because they’ve slept with someone on the editorial staff).

What does it mean to you personally, when you see Indian fashion journalists promoting themselves?

I think it’s great! It’s just like blogging. And in fact, it’s great that these fashion journalists are showing their true colors. When I read articles by fashion reporters, I feel like I’m getting a glimpse into their real thoughts. Of course, there are still some problems with this practice. Some people don’t like it and say that reporters should be unbiased. But I think that’s a lot to ask of them. Fashion reporters are just as biased as everybody else. They’re just better at hiding it than most people. So kudos to them for being honest about their biases!

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: young fashion bloggers who promote themselves on Instagram tend to be more honest about their biases than older fashion journalists who write for newspapers and magazines. This is because the young bloggers know they’ll never get hired by a newspaper or magazine, so they have nothing to lose by promoting themselves, whereas the older journalists have already established careers as unbiased reporters and thus don’t want to risk their reputations by promoting themselves too openly.

Do you think the fashion media has an influence?

I think the fashion media has always had an influence. I don’t think it’s anything new. There was a time when there was more of an importance given to what a few people were saying, but now with social media, blogs, and everyone having access to information, there are so many more voices.

I love what is happening because everyone is being heard and people get to decide for themselves what they should pay attention to. I pay attention to a lot of people and I am always interested in different opinions.

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