“Fashion is Passion.”

fashion is passion
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I could have walked up to anyone tell them ” fashion is simply easy”

Should I break the camel’s back? Fashion is Passion!!! It takes a lot in the world of fashion to be able to navigate it, you must be creative at all times.

I grew up seeing my mum in the world of fashion, she introduced me to it which I gladly accepted. Some of my friends were shocked how I can turn anything into something beautiful, I wonder sometimes!! Don’t get me wrong, there have been days why I asked what could I have made out of these plain things but I have seen myself emerging strongly articulating my thoughts, well very messy thoughts but in the end, you see my plain fabric and tools emerging into a beautiful one.

Recently a friend of mine asked me a simple question” is fashion really a passion?”

I wanted to give her a simple answer a resounding YES but I had to break it down to her so that she will understand what she is getting herself into.

I told her simply look inward to garner her convictions

Passion: you see when I talk about passion in fashion it is the engine that drives your car, you can’t do without it. Sometimes you feel like giving up but passion will talk to your senses not to. It drives the inspiration that makes you be sleeping in the middle of the night and inspiration will come you can only jump up from the bed until you get it done.

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Consistency: I told my friend in the world of fashion consistency is the key. I remember when my mum introduced me to the world of fashion newly, I was trying so hard to be perfect I can remember my mum’s laughter the day she caught me in a flood of tears, a concerned mother asked her daughter the matter my reply was “I can’t seem to be familiar into the world you introduced me” she looked at me and said, “consistency is much more, practice more, someday you will understand the world,” just practice” she said. That has become part of me, in my world I practice and become better.

Give it time: “give it time, “I know you have heard this a lot of times but this is where you thrive in this world. I know it can be exhausting sometimes but give it time.

I know you can lose time sometimes give it time.

I know it can be tiring sometimes give it time.


When you are done adding your passion, consistency, and giving of time, you will see yourself birthing a beautiful outfit.

Photo by Pexels

By Chioma Obasi

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