Fashion Icon Who Rocks The Fashion World

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Fashion is everywhere. In fact celebrities, influencers, designers, or even a normal person who loves dressing up would travel around the world to experience and joined runway shows. Whether it’s in Milan, Paris, New York, London, or anywhere in the world as long as it’s fashion we are talking about. But do we need to travel to dress up? Nope! You can rock your OOTD even if you are just at home. To give you more fashion and outfit inspiration here are some of my favorite fashion icons that I always look up to.

Lady Diana’s Fashion


If you’re a fan of a royal family and following lady Diana’s adventurous life you would know how fashionable she was. If only I can show you guys a lot of pictures of her with that classy and elegant outfits, I would! My favorite look of her is that black dress. I love the necklace it matches the whole outfit and Lady D’s aura. She loves to wear a dress and let’s admit it it’s very different from how Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton dress up nowadays. Lady Diana’s style is very classic and sexy. She loves wearing a dress that will show her shoulder which makes her look great as usual.

Audrey Hepburn’s Fashion


Speaking about classic, Audrey Hepburn is the real definition of classic. Her beauty as well as her charisma matches every outfit she wore. Have you watched her movie ‘Breakfast In Tiffany?’ That black dress and diamond are so lit! Everyone is trying to imitate Audrey Hepburn’s style but no one can duplicate her. She’s number one and her fashion and style still live up to this day.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fashion


And just like that! Remember Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City? Yup! That’s her! Sarah Jessica Parker. The best fashion icon I dreamed of bumping in the street of New York (that’s a joke, lol! 😂) She maybe gets age but her style never changes. In fact, it gets better and better, and oh! I love that purple dress. It looks so great on her. It perfectly matches the curly hair and the shoes as well as her bright smile.

Blake Lively’s Fashion


I hate Blake Lively’s character in ‘Simple Favor’ but let’s admit it she has the best outfit in the movie that is why I choose her as one of my fashion icons. I love the suit, especially the white one. She looks like a cool girl and at the same time very sweet as she wore that blue floral dress.

Reese Witherspoon’s Style


Before Emily In Paris, a Legally Blonde movie played by Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods is on the hit during the year 2000-2003. Her fashion and style in the movie are very girly and stylish. Pink looks so great on Reese and that blonde hair is so chic that it emphasizes every outfit she wore.

In Conclusion

These Fashion Icons will definitely rock the fashion world with the modern, elegant, posh, and classic outfits they showcase on the runway. Fashion icons are such an inspiration for a new fashion and style that we might want to try and consider. 

Photo credit to the respective owners in Pinterest

By Belle Willow

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