Fashion Hour: Look Stylish Anytime

Fashion hour: look stylish anytime
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It’s a nice dressy outfit only necessary for special occasions and only at certain times or should we have a passion for fashion at anytime? One of the things we have to be in denial about at almost every hour of the day is what we wear.

Throughout the day we have different types of activities and each one requires a different type of outfit: work at the office, training at the gym, meals at parents’ house, going out with friends, housework, etc.

fashion hour: How to look stylish
A woman wearing a red gown in Soho, New York

Fashion hour: Anytime. How to look stylish every hour

If you start the morning with the day with confortale clothes and warm colors, throughout the day until the afternoon. We can use more serious clothes, brighter colours and medium sized heels. While in the evening we switch to dressy dress-codes, colours can be bright and high heels are best. If we go out for coffee in the morning, we want to create a pleasant image and atmosphere for ourselves and others. This will give us time to wake up slowly and not start the day in a hurry. It’s perfect to choose a light blouse and jeans or a casual dress in pale or neutral colours. Platform shoes are perfect or we can ditch the heels altogether.

Then if you go to the gym you can use sports equipment in bright colors for extra energy. Also if you spend a busy day at work depending on the type of your job, choose office-style clothes that give you motivation and determination and colors that keep your energy level high throughout the day. Throughout the day we use informal codes.

Afternoon outings and parties make the transition from busy days to formal evening dress codes. So don’t shy away from coktail outfits. Evening events call for elegant outfits, and if you’ve had a busy day, a long dress and high heels will make you forget about it and reconnect with your femininity.

As a secret rule. The day starts with the quietest colors, comfortable clothes, and very low heels, and as time progresses the clothes become more serious and extravagant, the colors stronger and the heels higher.

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fashion hour: How to look stylish anytime

How to look stylish anytime

Keep your proportions. Choose the colors and clothing styles suitable for you and according to the dress code. Monochrome, black, and white always get you out of trouble. Style your outfits. Use the rule of three. Put together a simple, basic outfit and then add 3 different special elements.

Match the fabrics right

Create a center of attention for your outfits. Find your style.

And yet when should I look stylish? When should I look for a perfect outfit, and when fashion doesn’t matter so much? Opinions are usually divided. While some are willing to allocate their time and energy to get a perfect outfit only on special occasions, others value a flawless image at any time of the day. Indeed dressing and looking nice makes us feel better, but our attire should not be a cause for stress. Nor should we forget that we put our stamp on every outfit by the attitude and self-love with which we wear it.

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