Fashion Forward: 7 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah Right Now

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah
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The best fashion bloggers in Utah are massively gaining followers across the region, owing to their magnificent works. Utah is a region known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant religious activities as well as growing fashion scene. It is among the few regions that have blended Western and modern styles perfectly. Utah fashion bloggers are gaining massive popularity both within the State and beyond. With me here are the seven best fashion bloggers currently. However, I have not arranged them in any order. Take a look:

1. Jenna Crandall @luchpailsandlipstick:

Jenna started her lunchpails and lipsticks back in the year 2011 and throughout, she has shared fashion and beauty tips. Her blog has everything including your casual wear and formal event wears. She loves healthy living and travel.

 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

2. Alexis Barber: @Ohsoglamblog:

She is one of the best bloggers in Utah currently. She started her blog in the year 2011 and since then, she has taken fashion in Utah by storm. She loves chic and feminine types and is often sharing affordable clothing options. She is also into beauty and home decor.

3. Sarah Tripp: @Sassyredlipstick: Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

She started her personal blog with the name Sassy Red lipstick in the year 2013 and she is widely known for her body positivity messages. She often shares outfits that go well with a variety of body types. She is also into infertility experiences and the motherhood journey. I love how she blends the two.

best bloggers in Utah Sarah Tripp

4. Merrick White @merricksart:

She started her blog back in 2010 and has been documenting her journey all along. She has tailored her blog to include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

5. Sage Coralli: @sosageblog: Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

She is one of the best and most famous bloggers in Utah. She began her blog in the year 2015 and people love her style which is edgy and unique. She shares her outfits and is known for her beauty, fitness, and travel tips.

6. Brooklyn Janelle: @brooklynjanelle:

She is a famous blogger as well as a YouTuber who shares her love for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She is often a fashion trendsetter and is seen in bold colors as well as patterns. She shares her journey of motherhood and marriage.

7. Rachel Jensen: @thefashioncanvas:

She started the blog in 2011 and is one of the most loved in Utah. She uses it to spread her love for fashion and photography. Her blog features stylish and practical ways of fashion. She also shares her travel experiences and her personal experiences as a mother.




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