Fashion For Active PEOPLE

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Fashion is for all gender, ages, and shapes. Fashion is to express and to impress

The way you dress is the way you express your identity. I love the way how people can go out in their casual clothes.


Personally, I can go straight to the mall or to the club in my gym clothes. How many of you have paired your leggings with your favorite top and simply rocking it! Men and women comfortably wearing their leggings anywhere.


However, some people don’t appreciate you wearing your legging in certain places and events. I was a victim of this. I was wearing my leggings at work and paired them with my comfortable top and formal coat. I feel cute and confident. But then, one of my colleagues commented, “leggings are for the gym” and the other one said, “why you are wearing that, aren’t you supposed to be kinda mature for that style?!” Excuse me! First, I have the right to express my identity. Second, I can wear whatever I want as long as I am not becoming bulgar, but whatever! In short, I can wear whatever we want as long as we feel good and confident about it.

How are we being put in a certain box because of our age? Age doesn’t define the clothes that we suppose to wear. Who said that a 40-year-old woman cannot wear what a 20-year-old woman wears? And how can we judge a 16 years old girl wearing something sexy for her age? Fashion is for all ages. As long as you feel empowered, confident, and comfortable in your clothes, WEAR IT!

People should respect you. People should respect how others express themselves. Some days can be good days, and some days can be bad days. Respect people’s boundaries. Respect how others express themselves.

Have you seen some ladies who wear a flashy dress in the mall with their high heels? Some wear casual jeans with their crop top and small bag.

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How about men? I like men who show effort to impress their date. Show up with their expensive polo tucked-in in their jeans and wearing leather shoes. Some men, don’t even bother. They wear shorts or jeans with their white shirt and white rubber shoes. Who said a daddy cannot wear a teenage boy style?!

Most of all, fashion does not definitely have shape! Flaunt whatever you have and be proud of YOU!


My favorite active sportswear is PINK SALMON CLOTHING. You can definitely not go wrong with their sportswear and swimwear. From active sports, yoga, pilates, running to swimwear, it always brings the best in you.

What important is, it motivates you to be active and makes you feel good while you wear it. It empowers you and inspires you to be active. It makes you in your best form!

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