Fashion And Style: Movie Writers Edition

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Writing is one of my passion. I love writing and I also love dressing up. Beauty, Fashion and style are not my genres to write but when I started Fashion Passion and read their platform I was amazed as to how they gave opportunities to someone like me who want’s to explore not just the beauty of fashion but as well as my writings in fashion. Writing this article makes me feel overwhelmed. I wrote 38 articles in just 3 months and I feel great about it. It’s an accomplishment for me as a newbie in writing fashion, style, and beauty. 

If you guys love watching a movie with a writer character, have you noticed that the writer character love to wear loungewear and stay in the house most of the time? But that is not true because I know somewhere in another part of the world some writers love fashion and express themselves the way they dress up. So here are some of my favorite writer characters in a movie and series you might want to consider their fashion & style.

Aria Montgomery’s Writer Style

Remember Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars? I love how chic and edgy her style is. Jeans, a jacket, a plain top, and a boot are such a comfy outfit for a writer like Aria. And oh! Aside from that, her character loves to wear a ruffle or a plain skirt as well but I choose this look because it’s comfy and the style looks so good on Aria.

Andie Anderson’s Writer Fashion & Style

fashion & style 9

Andie Anderson’s style in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is such a lovely outfit, especially that Yellow silk long dress. I love the style of the dress, it’s backless and has a cross tie on it which gives a little detail to the yellow dress. The style of the low bun hair perfectly matches the whole outfit as well. Kate Hudson as Andie Anderson rocks every out in that movie, especially that Printed dress on the second photo is such a good vibe. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, try to watch it on Netflix and you will surely enjoy not just the humor of the characters but as well as the fashion & style of Andie Anderson. 

Valerie’s Writer Fashion & Style

fashion & style 8
fashion & style 7
fashion & style 6

How about Valerie’s fashion and style as a writer? Diana Gómez’s character always wears sweat pants, a dress, and a short with a pair of soft shirts. It’s very comfortable and perfect for loungewear.

Beck’s Writer Style

fashion & style 5
fashion & style 4

Elizabeth Liel as Beck in the YOU series is no different from Lucy Hale’s fashion & style but what I like about Beck’s look in this series is she gives a very mature aura to the outfit with her long sleeve polo shirt, jacket, and jeans. You can’t tell if she’s a writer or what.

Jane Sloane’s Writer Fashion & Style

fashion & style 3
fashion & style 2
fashion & style 1

Among all the movies and series with a writer character, I think Katie Stevens’s role as Jane Sloane in The Bold Type is my favorite. I love the fashion and Style very ladylike, matured, and empowered kind of look. I can see myself in Jane’s passion for writing and her style of outfit. I think in the series she wears every style from classic to classy, formal, casual, edgy, and another style I could mention right now. One thing I like about Jane’s style is the style of her hair always matches her outfit as well as her shoes and heels.

It’s hard to tell if a person is a writer or not. Because writers are very different from each other. It doesn’t mean that you are a writer you have the same thing with another writer. Writers have a different genre to write as well as different fashion tastes and styles. If you are a writer or a newbie in writing, try this look and get motivated in writing.

Photo credit to the respective owners in Pinterest.

By Belle Willow 


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