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When it comes to fashion, the first thing that comes to our mind is clothes. No doubt clothes play an important role in looking a person beautiful but that doesn’t enough. Body language simultaneously plays an important role. It is all about how you handle the clothes in you. More than what you carry on your body, the more matter is how you carry it.

Your body language drops a statement in everybody’s mind who see you. It is all about your personality, your attitude, and your style. A person who is rich buys branded clothes but he doesn’t know how to be stylish and he doesn’t know how to carry the right attitude in him with that specific dress will always look fake.

The clothes that we wear speak a lot of things about us. When it comes to professionals, there are lots of expectations among people. For example – a lawyer always is in a suit, a surgeon always is in scrubs, and a couch always is in a tracksuit. But if we don’t see them in this then we create our own narratives about them.

When we go to work we always look at our wardrobe and think about what to wear as clothes play an important role in creating an impression. For example – Rajib is wearing a formal white shirt and pants ironed and Sanjiv is wearing the same with wrinkled. The impression of both the person will be different from the people around them. Here Rajib may not be the smartest guy but the dress that he wears in a smart way will make him look smarter than Sanjiv.


If someone lacks confidence in some particular type of dress, don’t wear it by force because of how fashionable you are but lacking confidence will break your looks which will impact your body language and will be a big loophole for you. Built confidence and boost yourself.

Whatever dress you wear, most importantly work on your posture like:

– Stand tall

– Head up

– Eye forward

– Power walk with attitude and don’t rush.


By Chenghun Phukon

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