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When you join OurFaushionPassion.com, you are given the opportunity to be paid for your posts. How much you earn depends on:

  1. the quality of your post and
  2.  the marketing effort you put in.

As an author, you will be paid 70% of the ad revenue generated by your posts.  You get the advantage of our domain authority.

We use Post Pay Counter, which hooks into Google Analytics and Adsense. You will have all the access you need to see your statistics and payment history.

Important!  Right now we only have the ability to pay authors using PayPal, so make sure you go into your profile and enter your Paypal email ID.

Note: Currently your blog posts will show ads and generate revenue on desktop, mobile, and tablet applications. The app currently can not run ads and therefore can not generate income. We believe we can resolve this issue in the near future and ask for your patience. In the meantime, you can generate revenue from desktop, mobil,e, and tablet.


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