2 Ways to Wear Fall’s Dynamic Style Duo Sunglasses

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Sunglasses AKA Shades has been my number one frill since school when I quit having a reluctant outlook on what I wore (tulle skirts to class in any case). Shades are a particularly key thing — they’re the main component of an outfit that is all over! They likewise decide the character of an outfit — they can seal the whole thing together.

Think an all-dark outfit + a couple of larger than usual orange pilots versus smooth feline eye shades versus travelers versus curiously large pair + sunglass chain, etc. As it’s presently getting a piece colder, I’m thinking about the mix of shades with my number one chilly climate adornment — the scarf — which by the way has an entire scope of styles from woven to silk to weave for both the fall chill or the possible winter chomp. In this post, we will discuss 2 Ways to Wear Fall’s Dynamic Style Duo.

I’ve run over two unmistakable sunglass styles and five similarly unambiguous scarf styles that I’m appreciating at present. Investigate, on the grounds that the sun will come out tomorrow!

The Classic Retro + Dainty Crochet:

A regular yet notorious set of shades, with mindful coolness. The Wayfarer’s dim focal points and stout edge look extraordinary on such countless faces, and they’re not difficult to match with any outfit. I for one own a couple of Harris shades from Warby Parker, and I love them for their size, style, solace, and sturdiness. They have a touch of weight to them so I picked matching them with a long lightweight stitch scarf ideal for the 65 degrees we’ve been at in NYC. I then matched it with a brilliant nabbed top (you could likewise do a coat or full suit!) + a striking lipstick.

The Oversized Thin-Framed Rectangle + Chunky Woven:

I’ve been wearing chains (or croakies) on my shades for five years at this point — leaving me very energized by the Gucci Spring 2020 show, which had models strolling the runway in them. I explicitly cherished the assortment’s curiously large square casings + binds and chose to reproduce that here (after as of late referring to the assortment in our Friday shopping pamphlet that included cool rare finds… I’m obviously a remarkable fan). They are humble so I consolidated them with this thick scarf I found on Etsy (which is unimaginably delicate, coincidentally). This is a strong and stylish assertion — enough to power your stockings + and pullover combo (and I energetically suggest that definite look).


Those are my 2 most loved sunglasses + scarf pairings. Do you have any of possibly you’re adoring at present? How might you match them? Tell me since, supposing that it’s not self-evident, I extremely like both. Furthermore, in the event that you really want any extra sunglass chain ideas, you know where to contact me (the remarks underneath)!

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