Exploring The Timeless Beauty Of Alexandrite Heart Necklaces

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In the world of gemstone jewelry, alexandrite necklaces are a cut above the rest. No other gemstone jewelry can rival the beauty and the royal presence of alexandrite jewelry pieces, especially alexandrite necklaces. Also known as the June birthstone, the alexandrite gemstone graces your neck beautifully when worn in a necklace. Out of all the types of alexandrite necklaces, the heart-shaped ones are the most pleasing and coveted. In a while, I’ll tell you why Alexandrite heart necklaces are on top of the gemstone jewelry trends. But first, let’s talk about the alexandrite gemstone.

What Is Alexandrite?

A variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, alexandrite is a gemstone named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia. The deposits of this gemstone were first discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1830. Right after its discovery, the alexandrite gemstone caught the attention of everybody in Russia because the red and green colors of this gemstone corresponded to the national military colors of imperial Russia. Alexandrite became famous because of its color change property. This gemstone is blessed with the dramatic property of changing its color when moved from sunlight or fluorescent light to incandescent light.

Depending on the lighting conditions, the alexandrite gemstone changes its color from green in sunlight to red in lamplight. This magical property of the alexandrite gemstone has captured the imaginations of everybody for centuries, from jewelry enthusiasts to the general public. That’s the reason why it is considered one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. This color change property of alexandrite is the result of the presence of irregularities from the trace element chromium in the mineral’s crystalline structure. Because of the color change property of alexandrite, this gemstone is often known as the ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’ gemstone.

Also, people in the trade describe this color change phenomenon of the alexandrite gemstone as ‘the alexandrite effect’. Getting an alexandrite gemstone makes you feel as if you’re investing in two gemstones at the price of one.

How Sturdy Is The Alexandrite Gemstone?

The alexandrite gemstone is one of the sturdiest gemstones because it has a hardness score of 8.5 on the 10-point Mohs scale of hardness. This ranking on the Mohs scale makes alexandrite durable enough to be worn in a jewelry piece meant for daily wear. The dependable durability of the alexandrite gemstone is one of the big reasons behind the popularity of this thing of beauty. Jewelry designers fashion this gemstone in a variety of jewelry pieces, from rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets. Because of the great level of sturdiness that alexandrite has, this gemstone is becoming the preferred engagement ring stone of modern brides.

Are Alexandrite Gemstones Rare?

Yes, alexandrite gemstones are rare; in fact, they are extremely rare. The original source of the alexandrite gemstones was almost depleted after a few decades of mining. Moreover, the set of conditions necessary for the formation of the alexandrite gemstones is highly unique. This gemstone requires both beryllium (Be) and chromium (Cr) in order to form. However, these two elements rarely occur in the same rocks or in geological conditions where these two elements can interact with each other. This rarity makes the alexandrite gemstone a hit among people who seek a unique and rare gemstone.

What Makes Alexandrite Heart Necklaces Pleasing & Coveted?

Now, let’s talk about the lure of Alexandrite heart necklaces. Alexandrite necklaces are irresistible jewelry pieces that can artfully showcase your beauty. The regal elegance that embodies necklaces encrusted with alexandrites is too tough to resist. But what makes them so pleasing and coveted? Well, it’s the combination of the beauty and durability of alexandrite gemstones. Just imagine yourself wearing a heart-shaped alexandrite gemstone necklace that changes its color from green in sunlight to red in incandescent light.


Your alexandrite necklace will become your favorite jewelry piece the moment you wear it. It will get you compliments from everybody and suit almost every outfit from your wardrobe. Alexandrite heart necklaces hold the power to stop people in their tracks with their royal appearance; in fact, a heart-shaped alexandrite necklace is so lovely to gaze at that it becomes tough to take your eyes off the jewelry piece. Apart from their beauty, what else puts these necklaces in the number one position in the jewelry trends is their durability.

When we think of getting a jewelry piece, the first thing that crosses our minds is endurance. We always want to pick jewelry pieces that offer great resistance to scratches and endurance. Heart-shaped alexandrite necklaces are all about durability. Necklaces are low-contact jewelry pieces, but that doesn’t mean you can choose just about any gemstone as the center stone of your necklace. It’s always good to choose a center stone for your necklace or any other jewelry piece that offers a decent level of durability. Moreover, a durable center stone like alexandrite means that you can easily pass on your heart-shaped alexandrite necklace to future generations.

alexandrite heart necklace

The Bottom Line

The timeless beauty of alexandrite heart necklaces makes them great heirloom gemstone jewelry pieces. These jewelry pieces are perfect adornments that you can wear on a daily basis and also pass on to future generations. Alexandrite necklaces also make great gifts that you can give to your favorite people. I mean, what’s better than giving the people you love a jewelry piece embellished with a gemstone that changes its color depending on the lighting conditions?

A gift like this means that the giftee will always hold a special place for you in their heart. In order to get yourself or gift your favorite people Alexandrite necklaces, you should shop for these unique jewelry pieces from a reputed jewelry seller that you trust. That’s because a reputed jewelry seller will always provide you with authentic jewelry pieces with certified gemstones. Certified gemstones are those gemstones whose quality and value have been assessed by a gemstone laboratory.

Therefore, it’s always good to get your jewelry from reputed jewelry sellers who verify and establish the quality and value of their gemstones from an independent and renowned gemstone laboratory. Now you know it all as regards getting genuine Alexandrite necklaces. So, you know what you need to do next, right? 🙂

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