Exclusive Conversation with Beauty Influencer Disha Batra

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In the world of social media, beauty influencers have gained immense popularity and influence. Disha Batra is one such influencer who has made a name for herself in the beauty industry. With a massive following on various social media platforms, Disha is known for her beauty tips, tutorials, and product reviews. In this exclusive conversation with Disha Batra, we delve into her journey as a beauty influencer, her favorite beauty products, and her tips for aspiring influencers. Read on to learn more about this rising star in the world of beauty.

When did you start your journey as a digital Creator?

I started my journey when COVID-19 happened. Right after my graduation, I started posting IGTV videos doing different creative makeup looks. It never began with the intention to turn into a beauty influencer. It was all for my love of makeup and self-love. It’s been two years, and the journey has been full of new experiences.

What are the Challenges you have faced to be in this position?

I have always been a super studious and academically bright student. The biggest challenge was to gain my family’s trust as it was something no one in my family expected a channel that started just to live my passion would one day turn into a full-blown profession. My biggest challenge was to have my family’s support in my journey and I feel so glad today to have my mom as my biggest cheerleader.

What are the objectives on which you work?

My most crucial objective behind creating content is to maintain relatability. From Day 1, My ultimate goal has been creating relatable content which works best for all Indian people. Whenever I receive any personal texts or DMs from my viewers that they tried anything on my recommendation and it actually worked for them, that’s enough to make my day.

– I only promote products that performed well for me. If any person spends their hard-earned money on my recommended products, it’s my responsibility to assure it’s absolutely worth it.

Disha Batra

What beauty means to you?

For me, Beauty is anything that makes me feel empowered and confident about myself. Whether it’s about dressing up in my favorite outfits, putting on some makeup, exercising, etc. It’s all about self-love and self-care. Makeup or No makeup, it’s all about believing in yourself and remembering that you’re worth it.

As a beauty Influencer, what are the top quality tips to maintain aging?

Here are my go-to tips to reduce premature skin aging:


1. Be gentle to your skin. Using products like harsh cleansers and serums can affect your skin barrier. Gentle products that don’t strip off your skin’s natural moisture are a must.

2. Wear your SPF every day. Indoors or outdoors, sunblock is a must to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

3. Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet

4. Start your retinol journey in your mid-20s. In the starting, be gentle with the concentration as it should be low, gentle, and beginner-friendly.

6. My favorite Charlotte Tilbury face wash is nice according to me you. Your luxury makeup brands? Talk about your favorite.

•My go-to luxury makeup brand is Dior. I just love their products from foundations to concealers to blush-on. It’s by far the best brand in terms of formulations and final finish.

•My second favorite is Charlotte tilbury. I love their Hollywood flawless filter, airbrush HD foundation, airbrush flawless finish powder, light wands, and OG pillow talk lipstick.


 What is the best way to Face glow?

Here are my go-to tips to enhance facial glow:

Good skin doesn’t happen by chance, but by choice. Small changes in diet and lifestyle make a huge difference to your skin.

•A well-balanced diet

•Good water intake

•Healthy lifestyle and workout routine

•Follow your skincare routine generously

•Neglecting your Sunblock is no less than a crime

•For glowy makeup, prefer dewy products like strobe creams and illuminating moisturizers.

Your favorite lipstick brand that you use?

My go-to lipsticks are from Huda Beauty. I legit have so many shades from their liquid lipstick range and they’re are so top-notch. On the affordable side, I love Maybelline’s ultimate matte lipsticks and Faces Canada’s Comfy Matte lippies. Absolutely affordable but they perform really expensive.

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 Who is your biggest beauty influencer?

I adore Malvika Sitlani. She is full of love and her energy is so empowering. The fact that she achieved everything from scratch and literally started from a one-room apartment but still made no excuses is what pushes me harder day by day. For an influencer, the most important factor is relatability and personal touch and she is my biggest inspiration.

 “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.’’

It is rightly said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Beauty is literally everywhere and in everything. It just takes the right person to identify it. It’s all about opinions and perspectives. A lot of people limit beauty to physical appearance. Real beauty comes from within. Some people find physically appealing stuff beautiful and neglect the absolute definition of beauty. On one hand, it’s also related to finding good and positivity in every situation. It is what makes a situation beautiful. The people who are able to identify this beauty live a happy life.

Finally, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Disha for this conversation. Look her up on Instagram @dishabatra

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