Everything you Need to Know about Bubble Slides!

everything about Bubble slides
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Bubble slides, commonly known as Bubble flip flops are the latest trend, especially for summer footwear. The shoes are loved by many for being very soft and having a squishy sole, thus making them incredibly comfortable to wear. For this reason, the shoes have become very famous and are now available in a wide variety of colours and designs, making them ideal for a summer outfit. In this exclusive article, I will help you with everything you need to know about bubble slides from their history, design and definitely how to style them.

History of Bubble Slides:

Bubble slides first graced the floors of fashion in the 90s and were popularly known as jet shoes. PVC was the main material used and was popular among the children. They were lightweight, waterproof and come in many colours. They later collapsed in early 20002. However, they have made a major comeback in the past 4 years.

Design of Bubble slides:

As said earlier, they are made of PVC plastic hence more durable and easy to clean. The material is soft and squishy hence providing a cushion for your feet. They are available in a variety of colours and designs and some have a metallic finish.

How to style your Bubble slides:

1. You can wear them with your favourite summer dress or skirt and look incredibly cool.

2. You can keep it casual by wearing them with a pair of shorts or a T-shirt.

3. You can pair them with some bold prints and patterns to make that nice statement.

4. Bubble slides are perfect for a beach experience. They can be paired with a swimsuit for a more comfortable and stylish look.


everything about Bubble slides

Who Invented/ Created the Bubble Slides:

The original creator of the slides is known as Robert A. Leathers who did it in the year 1942 in New York.

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Number of holes present in a bubble slide

There are a record number of seven holes in the bubble slides that are placed there intentionally to provide air filtration in the shoe.

Can Men wear bubble slides?

The slippers are made for both men and women and can be worn throughout the year as they are not limited to any season.

Are bubble slides slip-resistant?

Experts have concluded that bubble slides have a non-slip wear-resistant sole that is very lightweight, durable and flexible. This in turn increases the friction between the ground and the shoe, preventing slipping on dry or wet surfaces.


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