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Eve Jobs has chosen her career to be a fashion model. She belongs to a very renowned family of cellular and computer technology incorporation and business. Actually, the world of fashion is so vast and huge that we see so many young faces keep coming on a regular basis. Similarly, some lucky models get immediate fame and success whereas some struggle for years. In this blog article, we are going to discuss newcomer fashion model Eve Jobs that who is she, and why she is so famous? Additionally, we will be discussing her family background and the modeling company that is going to launch Eve Jobs. Let’s now cut the intro and start knowing about this future glamorous model. 


Who is Eve Jobs & Her What is Her Family Background?

Eve Jobs is the 23 years old youngest daughter of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs who are the owners of Apple technologies (one of the world’s most famous cellular brands).  Eve Jobs initially got horse riding training and remained equestrian as per the wish of her billionaire American parents. However, for the past two years, Eve has been taking a keen interest in the world of fashion modeling.

Additionally, she has officially entered the diverse, glamorous, and colorful world of vogue modeling. She has an elder brother (30 years old) and the eldest sister (43 years old). Eve’s father Steve Jobs is no more with her as he has already been passing away back in 2011. 

Eve Jobs's Parents

How Eve Jobs Has Entered the World of Fashion Modeling?

In the recent past, Eve Jobs has luckily made an agreement with DNA models (one of the world’s famous model launching companies). Similarly, as per reports by “Vanity Fair Magazine” DNA Models Company will also look after the career planning and growth of Eve Jobs. This is an added advantage and a huge early career boost-up for Jobs. On the other hand, DNA has previously been launching young male and female models of several billionaires, politicians, renowned social workers, and high-tech company owners. This is success chances are very high for Eve. 


Steve Jobs

When Did Eve Jobs Started Her Modeling Career? 

Just two years ago in 2020 and at the age of 21 Eve started her career as a fashion model. She has already been doing a ramp walk with Gigi Hadid (one of the hot favorite models of the current era). Similarly, Jobs has also been doing modeling with some other high-quality fashion models. She has already got some experience from A+ models. Additionally, she has been attending some fashion shows and doing ramp walk like a fashion model there. 

Steve Jobs

What is the Future of Eve Jobs as a Fashion Model? 

One thing is for sure that Eve has got a dream start that every fashion model wants to. On the other hand, very few fashion models have got such a perfect modeling career start. Similarly, working with an international brand at the very beginning of a career is something that is exceptional and just a perfect start for a fashion model. Therefore, we can say that Eve has a very bright future ahead in her fashion modeling career. Additionally, she has got gorgeous eyes, a sexy body shape, and a facial expression. She looks like a beauty queen and a perfect model girl. Similarly, Jobs is very young and has a long modeling career ahead.


On a concluding note and from the facts mentioned above, we can predict Eve Jobs as one of the most successful female fashion models in the near future. We wish her the best of luck for her sizzling modeling career ahead. However, she needs to prove her best and try to meet the expectations which we are having at the moment. Last but not least, she is the talk of the town, and the world is looking at her. Keep visiting this forum for more to come on the world fashion.   

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