Essential Tips for Adopting Box Braids: From Hair Prep to Styling

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There are some matters Stephen believes you have to be aware of in case you are thinking about adopting the search for yourself. Prior to treatment, you have to clip your hair. To facilitate the installation process for your stylist, natural hair is frequently blow-dried beforehand, allowing you to get your ends clipped at that time. You study yours earlier and are conscious of the sensitive regions of your scalp whilst braiding. She advises against exerting excessive force on places with weak or thin hairlines. Box braids are a style that involves pulling on hair with extensions, thus they work best with curl types that are thicker, collier, and coarser. To prevent hair harm.

Braided Buns

If you can have 3 buns, why choose just one? It’s simple to twist and pin medium-sized box braids into designs that you may usually wear without braids, as shown on Marsai Martin. Just be careful not to overstretch your edges when drawing your hair back in this situation.

Braided Bun

Gather your braids into a straightforward, stylish top bun if you are sick of having them cascade down the back (or simply want to shake up your hairstyle). To keep your locks in place, make sure you have a sturdy ponytail holder and several bobby pins on available. 

For both men and women, the U.S. Army maintains severe guidelines and limitations on haircuts. The army reviewed and updated its procedures in 2014 after receiving complaints that earlier rules were excessively onerous for African American women. The original Army regulation saw protective styles and natural hair as “unprofessional” and “not neat” on African American women.

The adjustments are explained in an official Military military publication that states that twists, cornrows, and braids can have a diameter of up to 12 inches (13 mm). The previous maximum had a diameter of roughly 6 mm (1/4 inch). This increases the chance to use protective clothing. As of right now, box braids are acceptable so long as they expose no more than 38 of the scalp. The division must be in the shape of a square or rectangle.

The braids’ ends need to be fastened. The style needs to be renewed once the recently grown hair that grows outside from the braid, commonly referred to as new growth, measures 12 inch [13 mm]. For natural hair braids, flat twists, and styles like dreadlocks, the same rules apply.

These haircuts must not obstruct the wearing of coverings or uniforms. The military mandates that enlisted women wear box braids in their own hair colors without any extra jewelry, such as hairclips or beads, even though artificial hair for box braids is available in a variety of colors.

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