Engagement Rings Perfect Options to Choose From

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So many things come to your mind when you think of your engagement day. We understand that you want this day to be a golden letter day in your life. Since you plan everything best for this day, how can an engagement ring be ordinary? It is not an easy job to choose one engagement ring for your special one from the millions and trillions of engagement rings you explore every day. In this write-up, we will try hard to make it a little easier for you by showcasing 5 hand-picked engagement rings with different gemstones.

Marquise-cut Ruby Engagement Rings with Prong Setting:

She is the one who is going to rule your heart for the rest of your life; so to make her feel like a queen & go for this ruby ring. This ring is the perfect jewel to say loudly that you love her so much and that she is very special to you. With a ruby of size, you will find this ring beautifully embellished with diamonds. In white gold, the ring looks like a perfect jewel to make her feel special.

Round-cut Sapphire Engagement Rings in Yellow Gold: 

Sapphire is not just a blue-colored gemstone; it is also considered to be associated with religious beliefs. Sapphire is believed to bring prosperity and safeguard one from negative energies. This sapphire ring conveys both your love and blessings to your loved one. The unique design of this ring looks like two hands holding a round sapphire.

Round-cut Sapphire Engagement Rings in Yellow Gold

Pear-cut Emerald Engagement Rings with Knife Edge Prong Setting: 

A pear-shaped gemstone always adds grace to the overall appearance of an engagement ring,  especially when the gemstone is emerald. Green is the color of bliss and prosperity, and the engagement ring has diamonds all over the shank that symbolize the glow of love. The overall appearance of the ring is eye-catching, and your loved one will definitely get compliments for this beautiful ring.

Pear-cut Emerald Engagement Rings with Knife Edge Prong Setting

Cushion-cut Alexandrite Dainty Ring: 

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Choose a dainty ring for her delicate fingers. This ring may not look fancy, but the gemstone will because an alexandrite is known to change its colors with different lights. The ring has a  thin shank that beautifully highlights the gemstone. Grab her hand and put this beautiful dainty ring with a heart-melting love quote.

Cushion-cut Alexandrite Dainty Ring

Oval-cut Morganite Vintage Ring: 

You can play smartly with the options of gemstones and a ring setting by choosing morganite which is already a popular choice for engagement rings. The appearance of this vintage engagement ring is like an imperial jewel; it is beautifully crafted with tiny diamonds and has a prong setting to hold an oval-shaped morganite. Your beloved will feel the pride to have this jewel which is a symbol of love and legacy.

Oval-cut Morganite Vintage Ring

These were some of the best gemstone engagement rings. Your feelings for your loved one are something that only you can dive into, so in case you want to create a ring for her by yourself, then GemsNY is a platform that helps you to design the jewel by yourself. From a  gemstone to a ring setting, you can customize every single aspect of the ring to make it just one of a kind in the whole world. Let your creative mind express the feelings of your heart and also make the most of our money-saving discounts.

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