Emerald Rings for Women: Affordable Luxury for Every Budget

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Do you ever feel like your outfit is missing something? Gorgeous emerald rings can be the finishing touch to your overall appearance, adding elegance and style.

Emerald, the lush green birthstone of May, is one of the coveted and precious gemstones. Its captivating hue is not the only factor that makes it popular. This prized stone is in vogue due to its rarity and considerable hardness score of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale.

While you may have other gemstone rings, is your jewelry collection really complete without an emerald ring? An emerald gemstone ring is a style statement that you can wear with almost every outfit and is fit for all occasions! Let’s learn more about these emerald rings for women and check out some popular designs too.

Emerald Gemstone

When we think of a prized green gemstone, an emerald is the first stone to come to our mind. It belongs to the Beryl mineral family. Emerald comes in various colors, from bright yellow-green to rich and dark green with blue undertones. The darker the green shade, the more valuable and rare the gemstone.

Emerald Rings 1
Emerald Gemstone

Symbolism of Emerald

Not only is emerald the birthstone of May, but it is also the stone of the astrological sign Cancer. It is also the ideal anniversary gemstone for couples completing their twenty as well as thirty-five years together.

Emerald is also known as the “The Jewel of Kings,” as it symbolizes royalty. Additionally, fortune, hope, foresight, youth, and eternal love are a few other meanings attached to this lush green gemstone.

Wouldn’t an emerald ring with such rich symbolism be a great addition to your collection?

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5 Popular Designs for Emerald Rings for Women

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is an absolute classic. It is a simple, elegant, and understated ring style. With an emerald as its center stone, this ring design has become the definition of something timeless and graceful.

A solitaire emerald ring is a perfect choice for you if you feel drawn to jewelry styles that are simple, beautiful, and never outdated.

Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents


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Emerald Ring with Diamond Accents

The beautiful green hue of an emerald stone is enough to bring out the radiance of the ring. But if you are looking for something more, adding diamond accents can do the job for you.

With emerald as your center stone and a sizable accent diamond on each side, the setting offers impressive brilliance to the ring. Diamonds and emeralds make a good pair and help bring out each other’s beauty.

Vintage-inspired Ring

Another impressive design for emerald rings for women is a vintage-inspired style. Rings with a vintage aesthetic have delicate details and a captivating antique vibe.

These ring designs are popular and well-known for their striking and intricate designs. An emerald ring with a vintage design is a classy and elegant style that will never go out of style.

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Moreover, this vintage-inspired emerald ring can also act like a family heirloom that you can pass down to your children.

Halo Ring


Emerald Rings 3

Halo Ring

Do you want to add some flair to your emerald ring? A halo style is perfect for you. Small stones, usually diamonds, will encircle your center stone, emerald, forming a halo. These halo stones bring out the shine of the emerald and highlight its beautiful green color.

But there’s more! The halo design also gives the impression that the green gemstone is larger.

Eternity Ring


Eternity Ring
Eternity Ring

An eternity ring symbolizes never-ending love and commitment. It is a popular piece of jewelry known for its romantic meaning. Most couples, whether married or still dating, often give an eternity ring to each other as a promise of eternal love.

Since emerald also represents eternal love, it makes the perfect eternity ring.

Final Thoughts

Emerald is a rare and valuable gemstone. But that does not mean you can’t find emeralds that are budget-friendly! You can find good-quality and beautiful designs of emerald rings for women at budget-friendly prices at GemsNY. Check out the collection today!

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