Elon Musk Passion for Fashion


The Tesla CEO, Crypto Investor, and SpaceX co-founder recently attend Metropolitan Museum Art events.

elon musk with his mother

Elon Musk, a business model and giant Crypto Investor was born in South Africa on June 28, 1971, and is among the top-rated billionaire people in the world with a net worth of 271.30 billion USD in 2022.

Eltalking because of one of the fastest rising innovators in their early career. He was intrigued by the United States’ incredible economic significance and now become, the large attended of the electronic payment option of PayPal, Tesla, the electric car manufacturing company, Crypto, and others. 

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Although he’s trumpeted tuxedo fashion items on “classic tuxedo and a big-ass Tesla belt buckle — Musk keeps his everyday style fairly simple, opting for black tees, and jeans mostly are something worth talking about.

He took his fashion passion from his mother maybe that is what we should look into.

Elon Musk, the cryptocurrency Investor, and his Mom attended the 2022 Metropolitan Museum announced event:


Maye Musk, the mother of a 50-year-old billionaire and Tesla owner walked the Met Gala red carpet put on a classic tuxedo and befits now tie. May’s was also special, though she’s 74 now you may never see her aged look from a far distance, wearing velvet attire, sparkly strapped heels, and a gold grip.

Elon — who made his carpet appearance one week after buying Twitter for $44 billion — shared his love for fashion on the 2022 MMA Livestream ” I love passion”

Elon Musk has just announced his latest big idea: a rocket that will be capable of taking people from any city to any other city on Earth in under one hour.

Musk says the reusable spacecraft – codenamed “BFR” – should have a cost per seat “about the same as full fare economy in an aircraft.”The announcement came as he was outlining another grand plan: to send people to Mars in 2024.

Musk and his Creative Thinking

‍The answer is that he uses a creative thinking technique called “first principles”. Musk advises that we “boil things down to the most fundamental truths and then reason up from there.

”Musk explained his use of first principles thinking in deciding to launch his company SpaceX:


‍“I tend to approach things from a physics framework. And physics teaches you to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. So I said, OK, let’s look at the first principles. What is a rocket made of? Aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, plus some titanium, copper, and carbon fiber. And then I asked, what is the value of those materials on the commodity market? It turned out that the materials cost of a rocket was around 2 percent of the typical price—which is a crazy ratio for a large mechanical product.”

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