Elliot Page: 7 of His Most Controversial Red Carpet Looks!

Elliot Page controversial outfit
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Elliot Page has been at the forefront of championing radical changes in the fashion industry using his intricate dress code! He has used his platform as an arena for trendsetting various outfits, thus earning himself a place among the best of the best. I have taken time to analyze some of his finest outfits and here is what I got:

Elliot Page controversial outfit

1. His outfit during the 2021 Met Gala:

The Met Gala is attended by men too! Over the past years, media coverage of the Met Gala has been so aligned with the ladies that we forget that men too are stylish and that they attend the event as well!  In this event, Elliot Page opted for a custom Thom Browne creation, The Suit, which was made to be a double-breasted suit. However, it had a flower—one that attracted critics from all over!

Elliot Page met gala 2021

2. The 2020 Toronto Film Festival;

The Toronto festival attracts fashion enthusiasts from all across the world, making it one of the most stylish events! He attended in a stunning black suit and a hot, crisp white shirt. This outfit yet again attracted questions, especially from those against transgender people.

Elliot Page style

3. The 2022 Critics Choice Awards:

The Critics is yet another fashion event that is highly rated! At the event, he wore a vibrant green velvet suit jacket and some trousers. For me, the event revealed him as being very confident of his sexual orientation!

4. How about his outfit at the 2022 Gotham Awards?

Elliot Page seems to be no longer afraid of his style of dressing, giving him a more confident space to try new outfits, as he did in this very event. He turned up in a black Gabriela dress with a plunging neckline. At least he struck the balance between vulnerability and strength.

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5. The 2022 SAG Awards Outfit!

How about some custom-made Prada featuring a flowing white skirt and a black tuxedo jacket? This must have been one of the most controversial fashion moments, sparking reactions all over.

6. The 2023 Berlin International Film Event!

This outfit is probably one of his less controversial moments. He turned up in an oversized suit paired with some sneakers. This was a complete demonstration of his departure from the traditional red carpet!

7. The 2023 Time Person of the Year Gala Party!

Elliot Page is the king of trying out new outfits! For this specific one, he turned up in a sophisticated black suit designed by Michael Kors. For me, it revealed Elliot Page as being a multifaceted person.

Elliot Page in a dress




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