Eco-responsible Fashion : Some Brands You Absolutely Need to Know

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Green eco-responsible fashion brands are numerous and characterized by limited series, upcycling, and recycled materials. Series are limited to wrestling against waste. The materials are recycled and the upcycled fabrics make it possible to make new with old. Transparency towards the consumer is fundamental.

Eco-responsible fashion aims to reduce the impact on the planet as much as possible by reusing used or unused fabrics. There are many eco-responsible fashion brands.

What are the eco-responsible fashion brands?

Jan n’June is a German fashion brand that is completely transparent with the consumer. Each piece has a QR code that traces the entire chain of production.

MaisonCléo is a French fashion brand created by a mother and her daughter. At MaisonCléo, to avoid waste, production is made to order.

MaisonCléo stands out for its strong identity in each of the handmade pieces such as blouses with balloon sleeves, well-cut dresses, knits printed, and the collections are filled with fashion nuggets made in France.

At Barje, an eco-responsible fashion brand, the series are very limited. Barje develops the principle of upcycling for its collections like the brands such as Noyoco, Maison People, and Les Récupérables.

Here is a selection of some eco-responsible fashion brands, which are as follows:

Maison People: an ethical fashion brand

eco-responsible fashion 1

Jan n’ June: a green fashion brand in the spotlight

eco-responsible fashion 2

Ecclo: a fashion brand made in France

eco-responsible fashion 3

MaisonCléo: a fashion brand made by hand and to order

eco-responsible fashion 4

Les Récupérables : a committed fashion brand

eco-responsible fashion 5

Noyoco: a responsible and timeless fashion brand

Barje: a very limited edition fashion brand



Eco-responsible fashion or green fashion is a fashion whose goal is to avoid waste while reusing used or unused fabrics.

In addition, the materials are recycled and the upcycled fabrics make it possible to make new with old.

There are several eco-responsible fashion brands that are characterized by limited series, upcycling and recycled materials.

These include Maison People, Jan n’ June, Ecclo, MaisonCléo, Les Récupérables, Noyoco and Barje .

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