Ear piercing, A Cultural Practice.

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Ear piercing has cultural and spiritual significance. Spiritually, some people believed that evil spirits possessed human beings via the ears, so the earlobes were pierced for them with the intention to go away after they enter whilst a few believed that metals kept the evil spirits away, in order that they wore jewelry.

Towards the 18th century, clip-on rings started out changing jewelry that required piercing. Piercings were left to the lowly of birth, until the 50s, after the warfare. 


Ear piercing
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Ear piercings became elegant once again. Then, there had been no piercing stores like may be found anywhere today. What young girls did to get their lobes numb was the use of ice block cubes, before piercing. As time went on, it has become essential to get ear piercings in hospitals to avoid infection.

Ear piercing shops started gaining popularity around the 80s, and through the 90s, fewer people had reservations approximately getting their ears pierced. Today almost every culture’s way of life has folks that wear earrings, primarily for decoration purposes.

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Piercing of the ear has evolved a lot in order that specific parts of the ear can be pierced. The varieties of piercing encompass the standard piercing which is carried out on the earlobes.

5 Tips to save your Ear Piercing from infection;

1. Wash your newly pierced ears (on both sides) very well two times a day. Do now not dispose of the rings whilst cleaning.

2. Make certain that the region across the holes is kept clean, dry, and ethereal at all times.

3. Cover your ears while applying makeup, hair spray, spray perfume, hair dye, and so forth.

4. Take greater care when you are setting on/pulling off garb over your head, for you to save the jewelry from getting stuck.

5. Wait at least 2 weeks after piercing before going swimming, cleanse with liquid soap or suitable cleaning swabs.

By Yusaira Fakhar

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