Dynasty: Elizabeth Gillies Top 3 Outfit Review

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Have you ever heard the name, Fallon Carrington? Yup, she’s the one! Elizabeth Gillies in her most savage role in the Netflix series called ‘Dynasty’. I just finished watching the series and I thought maybe I could share with you some of the chic and classy outfits she wore in the series that you would probably love as well as much as I love it! But this time I am going to talk about how Elizabeth transformed into her character which is Fallon wearing Business suits.

Dynasty: Elizabeth Gillies In Royal Blue Business Suits

Elizabeth Gillies In Royal Blue Business Suits

This Royal Blue Business Suit is one of the outfits Elizabeth wore in the series which gives every viewer a lot of fun and exciting episode because in this part Elizabeth gets very annoyed by her stepmother during the photo shoot for the Women’s Magazine. The Royal Blue Suits match very well with the white inner ruffled shirt that she matches with a red ribbon tie to match the shoes as well. The hair and makeup are extremely on point and it gives a bossy aura that is perfect for Elizabeth Gillies’s character.

Dynasty: Elizabeth Gillies In Purple Lower Neckline Business Suits

Elizabeth Gillies In Purple Lower Neckline Business Suits

I know you would say the outfit is showing too much cleavage but just look at how confident she is wearing it. As I have always said, a woman should always be confident in every kind of way, especially with what she wears. I love how unique and classy Fallon Carrington is and how she carries her outfit, especially this one. If it’s other people they would probably wear an inner that would cover the cleavage but since she’s Fallon Carrington! There’s no way for a cover-up. The hair is well fixed as well as the makeup. The color of the Business suits matches her skin tone as well which brings brightness to the whole look.

Dynasty: Elizabeth Gillies In Red Business Suits

Elizabeth Gillies In Red Business Suits

A Red Business Suits gives a boss lady kind of look which is perfect to describe Fallon Carrington. The fit, the cut, and the details of the business suits are extremely well precise. I love how wide the leg pants are. She only wore heavy earrings to give highlight her outfit. The hair as usual is clean and fixed.

Bonus Photo from the series Dynasty 

Aside from the Top 3 Outfit Reviews, these Top 3 photos are wonderful as well and such an inspiration. I love how she mixes and matches every color and pairs it with her purses. Her outfits are mostly Business Coats and such but it’s very inspiring especially if you are a fashionista like Fallon Carrington.

Photo credit to the owners on Pinterest. Thank you ❤

By Belle Willow

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