Dressing Your Body Type


The beauty and style of every outfit is mostly determined by how effectively clothing was chosen for a specific body type.

There are four main types of body shapes You may have heard them referred to as fruits and veggies, like apples, pears, and carrots, or as shapes, such as triangles, rectangles, and squares.

Once you determine your body type, you’ll clearly see how you can apply your outfit for petites, plus sizes, and everyone in between. You deserve to feel good in your clothes and to dress the body you have right now.

1.Triangle/pear body shape

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, then you’re a triangle, or pear shape.

Clothes to wear: Fitted tops to accentuate narrow shoulders and waist, any sleeve length or style, jeans or flares with heels to elongate legs, jacket or coat that hits at mid-thigh, A-line or maxi dresses.


triangle body type


2.Inverted triangle/apple body shape

Are your shoulders or bust wider than your hips? You’re an inverted triangle, or apple shape

Clothes to wear: flowy tunics tops, Skinny jeans, leggings or structured pants with flowy tops to balance the look, Strapless or wrap dresses for adding volume on the bottom help to create curves and showcase a balanced silhouette. 


inverted triangle body type


3.Rectangle/ Athletic body shape

If all four measurements are the same or very similar with no defined waistline, you’re a rectangle, or athletic shape.


Clothes to wear: Halters tops, Skinny jeans, pea coats, Skirts of any length work, but add a thin belt to create a waistline.


rectangle shape outfit


 4.Hourglass/ curvy body shape

If your shoulders and hips are about the same size with a defined waist, your shape is hourglass, or curvy.

Clothes to wear: Form-fitting tops, High waists or flares jeans with heels, in terms of dresses like wrap dresses, fit and flare, A-line dresses belted to create waistline silhouette.



When choosing items for your outfit, it’s easy to know what to emphasize by identifying your best physical traits and personal style. You’ll never go wrong if you play to your strengths.


body type


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