Dressing Sense

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As a human we all have to wear clothes, it’s our daily necessity, habit, need, and want. Now you’ll be wondering how wearing cloth is considered a “want”. Well! We wear clothes to cover our body, so this is our need, but we wear clothes to look attractive, this is our want. Now let’s talk about dressing sense.

What is Dressing Sense?

Just having good clothes in your closet doesn’t mean you can look good if you wear any of them, anytime! You might wear expensive clothes but still, array a cheap look!!! Do you know why? Well, there is a simple explanation for this statement, you don’t have the correct Dressing sense. So! What does a dressing sense mean? It can be described as a queer sense or ability to wear clothes in a way of combination that they look attractive, fashionable, and lavish.

Thinking out of the box and trying newer fashions in the right way to showcase your magnificent look. Certain things are counted when you judge someone’s dressing sense, for instance, what kind of fabric he or she is wearing, what is his or her color choice, accessories, the right footwear with the selected dressing, the size of the dress, and many other things are kept in sight.

A good sense of dressing is developed gradually, you learn it, you observe it from your surroundings, and you hear it from the people around you. As you grow up and you became aware of the changing trends and fashion that were once glittered in the market are now nothing but memories because they get obsolete as the newer things show up, and adapting to those changes develops your sense of dressing.

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Why Does it Matter?

So! Have you ever wondered why developing a dressing sense is important? It is because the dressing sense has a direct relationship with your personality. There is a saying that A Man is known by his Dress and Address. Your way of dressing loudly speaks up about your personality, each thing you wear describes a different aspect of your personality. Unless you speak, you are depicting or communicating only through your appearance IN front of the world.

The better you look, the more positive vibes you’ll extract. Dressing well not just makes you stand out from the crowd; it also enhances your satisfaction and boosts your confidence. You feel more energetic and prouder about yourself. Dressing well does not just make you attractive, it can also help you to more socialized with like-minded people. People are likely more attracted to a person who is well dressed, they have a feeling of satisfaction and authority toward that person. Obviously! Would you like to talk to a person who’s vibing out some miserable look?

So now the only question that remains is, how can you improve your dressing sense? So first of all, start by analyzing your surroundings, and observe what people are wearing on different occasions. Because you must sync your dressings with the occasion you are attending. Then it comes the color, while choosing the color of the dress to keep insight into your skin and hair color for instance if your skin color is bright, then wearing darker colors can make you look prominent and dashing. Besides your dress there comes the accessories. To make your look more definable and bolder, use different accessories like watches, bracelets, sunglasses, and other exciting stuff.

Last but not the least, make sure what you are wearing is comfortable for you as well.

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By Sheharyar Tahir

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