Dress Like A Young Queen Elizabeth II


As the world mourns for the passing of the Greatest and Longest Reining Monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary WindsorLet’s look back at some of her Royal Outfits when she was a young age.

Queen Elizabeth was known for being poised, prim and proper. She’s the real definition of a true Royal who was born and destined to become a Queen. Despite her hectic schedule of being a Queen, she never forgets how to be perfectly stylish in every way.  


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in White Dress

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in White Dress

Queen Elizabeth in a White Dress is really beautiful. It suits her, especially the white gloves that match the white dress. I love how tight the dress is on her waist and slowly had a fuller skirt plus the white crossed belt or lining around her waist is not just a detail you cannot avoid noticing. I guess it’s one of the highlights of the white dress that the designer intended to put on.

Aside from the white dress, accessories are just stunning to look at as well. The pearl necklace and the pearl earrings are just perfectly gorgeous on Queen Elizabeth. If you notice, Queen Elizabeth also wears a silver bracelet on her left glove that matches the Queen’s brooch which is pretty to look at. The handbag and the hat are very Queenly.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in Green Dress


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in Green Dress

Oh! I can smell a Spring vibe in this style! Knowing Queen Elizabeth’s style, she loves wearing bright and lively colors which actually shows on her face as well. She’s a charming Queen and everyone knows about that. I love the Green and White combination of color! If you notice the details on her shoulder, it has a pearl on the lining that matches her pearl necklace. Her Brooch and her hat just go perfectly together as well as the handbag and the white gloves which I think is the same white gloves she wore in the first picture, but knowing the queen, the owns thousand of gloves.

Floral Dress

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in Floral Dress 

Is it the Floral Dress or the Floral Hat? Maybe both? The liveliness on Queen Elizabeth’s face says it all, don’t you think? The details of the dress are exquisite and well-detailed, from the buttons up to the lining. The accessories Her Majesty uses perfectly match her Floral Dress as well as the floral hat.

Red Ball Gown

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth In a Red Ball Gown

Wow! That is all I have to say about this look. I don’t know what year this picture was taken but the design of this ball gown has been used up until now as a basis or as an inspiration. The Red Wine color suits well to the Queen’s skin tone. The leafy details and design are very unique. I love that Queen Elizabeth lessens the jewelry to give more highlights to the dress. The necklace is beautiful as well as the Queen’s young face. The poise, the hair, and the make-up are very Queenly.


The fashion and style of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will always and forever live remarks on everybody not just in her country but all over the world. Surely, we will miss the Queen’s Bright color royal outfits. Above all, we will miss her smile, but one thing is sure, she will always be the Queen Mother. Hail to the Queen!

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