Dreadlocks Fashion!

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Dreadlocks are a fashion hairstyle that comprises of long twisted hair. Just as the name itself, dreadlocks are dreaded by the majority of individuals across the globe. However, the hairstyle has no harm whatsoever. All the dread is just but misconceptions. A built-up mentality from way back in the early days. According to me, dreads are cool. They look great on every individual: doesn’t matter what race the person comes from. Be it black, or white…Asian, all fit perfectly well in dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks Fashion 1

Dreadlocks Fashion Is For Everyone

This hairstyle is unisex. This means that it applies to both males and females. As illustrated in the image above, dreads could cut out the best of you as a male if well put and regularly treated. Also, they call for top-of-the-line hygiene levels. No wonder the people with dreadlocks are regular visitors to salons for the above reasons.

Dreadlocks Fashion 2

So why dreadlocks? Why pick this hairstyle with the numerous hairstyles out there?

Dreadlocks, as I mentioned earlier, are gorgeous. Unlike shaggy kinky hair, locks are easier to clean and treat. Furthermore, they feel good. Can fit just perfectly with various outfits. Be it a casual look, or even official wear, you will look just perfect.

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How much does it cost to set up dreadlocks?

I once took a friend of mine to a salon around our neighborhood corner for dreadlock setup. It’s been a couple of months down the line now ever since. If I can remember, the salons charged her 22 USD for the entire process. They had to be set up, gel applied, then dried in a certain drier machine. After every two weeks, she was expected to visit a salon for retouch and treatment. And this treatment costs around 6 USD. So, you can now estimate the cost of maintenance for dreadlocks fashion, right?

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Tips on how to ensure your locks look dope!

Well, it can be easy to maintain your dreads if only you follow such tips that I’m about to list below. On the contrary, it may be tough for you to keep those locks looking great if only you fail to observe the tips listed below. These tips are:

1. Gel them regularly

2. Clean them regularly

3. Ensure you go for retouch at least once a month.

4. Cover your hair a time from hot sun rays.

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