Does Wearing Bras Cause Breast Cancer? Latest Expert Opinion

Does Wearing Bras Cause Breast Cancer

Bras are good, but, there has been an ongoing rumour linking the wearing of bras to breast cancer. I know probably you might have heard of the rumour, right? If you are yet to hear of it, the rumour has been in the air for nearly 20 years now.

For quite some time, there has been an active group that has been doing some research on the issue of bras to solve the following questions. Do bras cause cancer? Is there any link between breast cancer to bras? Do underwire bras cause cancer?

The world is ailing. People are dying of breast cancer day in and day out. This is not an issue we can afford to ignore. I have seen ladies going braless on a cancer awareness day. Does this move shed some light that bras might actually be one of the causes of breast cancer? Let’s find out in the subsequent articles below.

Does Wearing Bras Cause Breast Cancer

The idea that bras may cause cancer first emerged in the year 1995 in a book titled dressed to kill. In the book, there was a claim that women who wore underwire bras for over 12 hours a day had a higher risk of developing breast cancer as compared to women who never wear bras at all. In their argument, they cited that the underwire bras restrict the lymph system of a woman thus leading to the build-up of dangerous toxins, especially around the breast region.

Expert opinion from the American cancer society:

According to the renowned American cancer society, there is no substantial evidence that can link the wearing of bras to breast cancer. Their opinion has been received with a lot of joy among all ladies who wear bras for their day-to-day activities. According to experts that the American cancer society, there is no evidence that underwire bras can cause compression of the lymph nodes to result in breast cancer.

Does Wearing Bras Cause Breast Cancer

Does Going braless reduce your risk of developing breast cancer:

It seems no one is off the hook, as far as breast cancer is concerned. Experts from the America Cancer society now claim that going braless does not reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

Bottom line:


Top researchers and well-designed studies have all come to the conclusion that wearing bras or underwire bras does not increase your chances of developing break cancer. However, lingerie experts advise that you should sleep without your bra to ensure a good circulation of blood.


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