Does Wearing a Smart Watch Cause Cancer?

Does Wearing a Smart Watch Cause Cancer? 4 Health Side Effects

Smart Watch outfits are one of the best out there. There is a way a man or woman wearing a smartwatch looks decent and fashionable. However, the latest public rumor has it that the smartwatch you are wearing could be a death trap. But, is this real? Join me in this exclusive article as we seek the answer to our top question of the day.. Is wearing a smartwatch healthy?

Over the past few years, smartwatches have risen in recognition with many youths out there purchasing various brands of smartwatches. For those not familiar with fashion technology, a smart watch combines all the functions of a watch and a modern smartphone to come up with one device.

Is It bad to wear a Smart watch?

Experts have revealed that as long as you have discipline and a sense of what you are doing, there is nothing harmful to wearing a Smart watch all day.

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Does Wearing a Smart watch cause cancer?

This question has been of top concern across many articles and research institutes. Learned fellas are out there arguing if a Smartwatch has a possibility of causing different types of cancers. Whether that is true or a lie shall be revealed throughout this article.

As you know, a Smart watch is a small or rather a microcomputer within your wrist. Any electronic device is very capable of exposing your body to some form of radiation and possible health problems.

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New York Times Claim on Smart Watches causing cancer:

The New York Times is one of the most respected media outlets in the world. In the year 2015, they published a detailed claim that a smartwatch can give you cancer. However, that claim has been proven to be a mere lie.

Health side effects of Wearing Smart Watches:

There have been substantial claims by people wearing smartphones of possible headaches and nausea. These are very serious claims by people who have been using smartwatches for quite some time and need not be ignored.


What are some of the benefits of wearing or using smart watches?:

Smartwatches are indeed useful in the following ways:

1. They are a great fashion sense.

2. Help to monitor your sleep.

3. Can act as heartbeat sensors.

4. Could be used for dieting and planning.

5. Will help you in the regulation of calorie intake


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