Laser therapy and resurfacing of the skin are now becoming more common. Most people prefer laser therapy for hair removing, waxing, and shaving. Although laser therapy has such a wide range of use here we are mainly concerned with skin beauty and its application to fashion and style. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is preferred for skin resurfacing and hair removal including waxing as well as shaving. Laser Therapy

Through this blog article, I am going to address some of the basic questions which may come to your mind. Some of the questions include, “Is laser therapy beneficial or harmful? Does laser therapy have any side effects? Is laser therapy effective against acne, dark spots, and any scars? What are some common types of laser therapy for face skin? Is laser therapy permanent or a temporary solution? Is laser therapy painful or not?” So let’s start reading and try to find out the answers to all of these questions as per my research. Laser Therapy

Is it beneficial or harmful?

From beauty & skin-related point of view, laser therapy has both possibilities. It is true that laser therapy removes all sorts of scar marks, pimples, dark spots, and wrinkles. Laser resurfacing also improves the tone and glow of the skin. However, it may also have some skin-related side effects due to regular and frequent use. after having laser therapy you need to have certain precautions. Unless and otherwise there is the absolute possibility of the side effects which can even damage your skin and beauty.

Laser Therapy

Does it have any side effects?

The answer to this question is certainly yes. Research suggests that laser therapy can have a number of side effects. The most common side effects are bleeding, infection, pain, scarring, and changes in skin color. Sometimes redness, swelling, and itching may also happen. Side effects may vary due to certain skin-related allergies and avoiding some precautions as well as preventions. For instance, no citric acids are applied soon after laser therapy. Laser Therapy

Is it effective against acne, dark spots, and any scars?

Research suggests that normally, laser therapy is an effective and quick solution against acne, dark spots, and any scars. However, it is not possible for 100% effectiveness. usually against acne, dark spots, and any scars, you need a couple of sessions time and again. But even then your pimples, scars, and wrinkles will fade away 100%. Rather some of them will still remain there. Laser Therapy


What are some common types of laser therapy for face skin?

Some of the common types of laser therapy for face skin include; CO2 Lasers, Erbium Lasers, Pulsed-Dye Lasers,  Fractional Lasers, and IPL” (intense pulsed light). Similarly “Fraxel and Laser Genesis” are common and less harmful for face and glowing skin treatment. In simple words for fashion and cosmetics, two common types of laser therapy are used. These are known as ablative and non-ablative laser therapy. Laser Therapy

Is it a permanent or a temporary solution?

We can’t say that laser therapy has permanent solutions. Research in this regard also suggests the same conclusion. However, in the case of waxing, shaving, and hair removal it certainly lasts longer compared to traditional ways. Similarly, laser therapy can permanently remove unwanted and dense hair. In this regard, the quality of the laser which you are using is also very much important. Some high-quality lasers can have an impact for years as well. Therefore prefer the best and high-quality lasers for therapy. Laser Therapy

Is it painful or not?

Skin laser therapy is not a painful experience at all rather it is a bit expensive. In the traditional way of waxing and removing you may have some problems. But in the case of laser resurfacing you will have hardly any bad experience. Research also suggests that you will have minimum possible pain and irritation experience while having laser therapy. Once you become used to it, you will even have no pain and irritation. Therefore you can go for laser therapy without worrying about any pain. Laser Therapy



On the basis of the above factual and research-based discussion, we can conclude that low-level laser therapy is normal for you. You may go for it without having any kind of fear. However, it is suggested that do observe certain precautions and preventions as suggested by experts. Similarly do avoid unnecessary and frequent laser therapy practice.  I am sure that this information will be beneficial and useful for you regarding laser therapy.

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