Do you want to work in fashion?

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When we realize that we have a passion for fashion, one of the questions that comes us into mind is: Do I want to work in fashion?
If you realize, that you have the necessary skills, that fashion is more than a passion for you and you are ready for glamour, but also competition and hard work, then the fashion industry is a wide field of career opportunities for you.


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How do you know if you really want to work in fashion and what job to choose ?

First think what your personal skills, desires, needs and knowledge are. Do you like to work alone or in a team? Do you like to teach, to sew, to draw etc.? Or do you just like to style clothes?
For example if you like to give advises but your shy in front of the camera, than a fashion blog would be suitable for you than a fashion vlog. Maybe you like to dress well, to style properly clothes, but you don’t like designing clothes. Then, there’s no point in going into fashion design, but rather choose a job as a fashion stylist or a personal shopper. Stylists also work for editorials, tv, runaway and corporations.

If you are not entirely passionate about the world of fashion, but have other knowledge, there are other jobs related to the fashion industry. Customer service, marketing jobs, journalism , finances, and of course modelling and photography are strong related to the fashion industry.
Visual merchandiser, graphic illustrator, pattern makers, product manager and developer, garment technologist and fashion show coordinator are some good options too.
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Most importantly, make sure that the job you choose matches your financial and personal needs and targets.
Do you want it to boost your creativity, bring you money, fame and social recognition or do you want it to give you the opportunity to create something of your own?


How to prepare yourself for a fashion job

Once you know exactly or almost exactly which fashion job you’re going for, honestly decide what you already know how to do, what knowledge you have and what you still need to learn.
The first thing to do is to research as accurately and from as many sources as possible exactly what the job entails. Then take a course to complement your knowledge. A recognised diploma is always welcome, but if you prepare well you can succeed without one.

If you can’t afford a course there are plenty of platforms with free online courses, such as Skillshare or Udemy, and Facebook groups posting free workshops and information from people already working in the fashion industry.
Try to surround yourself with people who are related to the profession you want, even if they don’t have exactly the same job. For example, if you have an acquaintance who owns a clothing store, it helps to learn how things work, even if you want to get a job as a fashion editor.

Always make sure you know as much as possible about the fashion industry, even if it’s not necessary for the job you’re applying for. It may help you to develop further.


More fashion typs

If you don’t know anyone who can help you, utube is always a good source, but remember to only learn from people who know what they’re talking about. You don’t want to start out with superfluous and erroneous information.
And perhaps most importantly, start alone. Build for yourself a blog, a few fashion articles, a portfolio, a few sketches or tutorials. It will help you to show up at an interview with them, and they will also help you practice.
And last but not least, prepare your state of mind for your dream fashion job. Think, act and feel like you already have it.

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How to begin to work in fashion

Document yourself, but don’t look for a job until you’re ready. It might demoralize you before you start.
Decide if you want to go freelance or want to work for a company.

If you want to start on your own, then start.
It might be hard at first, but don’t get discouraged and in the end it will definitely be worth it. Promote yourself and your business, find people to collaborate with, give some samples of your work for free and have patience.

If you want to get a job, you can start by searching on job boards or even post an ad yourself.
Another option is to look for companies that might offer you the fashion job opportunity you are looking for and send them a letter of intent.

Workshops and events related to the fashion industry are also a good way to meet new people and keep up to date with what new fashion jobs are coming up. Best jobs are taken before everybody knows about them.
Don’t forget to ask yourself: Do you want to work in fashion at a high level? Or do you want to start with smaller jobs?

Your success depends on your preparation, your intention and where you focus your energy.
So it’s all up to you.

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