In this blog article, we bring the top 10 hair dye tips for you. These tips will not only help in long-lasting hair dying but also make you an expert in hair dyeing. However, do keep in mind that long-lasting hair dye must remain at least 6 to 8 weeks long. HAIR DYE TIPSAnything less than that means your hair dye is fading away quickly. On the other hand, frequent hair dyeing damages your hair and skin. Therefore, you need to be expert and careful while doing your hair dye. So let’s now read these top 10 hair dye tips so that you may improve your hair dying techniques. These top 10 hair dye tips are mentioned below in detail.

Hair Dyeing Tips

After Hair Dyeing Use Conditioner for 24 Hours

After applying hair dye to your hair never use any shampoo for about 24 hours. This will help in the long-lasting of your hair dyeing. However, if you wash your hair with shampoo soon your hair dye will fade away just in a matter of a couple of weeks only. Similarly, never apply dye to your complete hair rather apply it on the roots or half of the length of your hair.

Hair Dye Tips

Wash Dyed Hair Smartly & Carefully (Hair Dye Tips)

After applying hair dye on the roots or half of the length of your hair comb your hair. Similarly, never wash your complete hair immediately rather wash them slowly and use less water. On the other hand, use fresh or normal cold water. When you use less water your hair dye comes out slowly coating the remaining part of your hair. However, never forget to wash your hair with quality conditioner only.

Hair Dye Tips

Use Hair Serum For Shiny Hair

If you want your hair dye to last for a long time, use hair serum immediately after washing your hair with a conditioner. However, take a few drops of serum and apply them to your complete hair. Once you have applied the serum to your hair then dry them out with a towel. This will surely improve the dyeing limit of your hair.


Hair Dye Tips

Choose Sulfate-Free or Color Treated Shampoos Only

This is a very important tip. Let me tell you that one of the reasons for losing your hair dye quickly is the choice of the wrong shampoo. Never use anti-lice or other normal and general use shampoos. However, do choose a particular hair dye-friendly shampoo. For hair dyeing, there are particular sulfate-free shampoos that are available on the market. Therefore, choose any one of these color-treated shampoos and use it so that your hair dye may last longer.

Hair Dye Tips

Never Wash Your Dyed Hair With Hard Water

Do keep in mind that never wash your hair or take a bath with hard water. Hard water not only damages your hair but is also dangerous for your hair dye. Therefore avoid bathing or swimming in oceanic or river water. Similarly, if you use under-ground water at home make sure that it is fresh, pure, and chemicals free water. In this regard, you can also fit water purifiers in your bath shower. These water purifier tools are easily available in the market.

Hot water bathing

Shampoo Your Hair Just Twice a Week

If you frequently wash your hair with shampoo, it will cause a quick fadeaway of your hair dye. Therefore, be careful in this regard and just wash your hair twice a week with shampoo. However, you can use conditioner instead of shampoo if you want to wash your hair more than twice a week. additionally, you can just have a bath or wash your hair with fresh and pure water as many times as you want. This tip will surely improve the life of your hair dye.



Never Shower with Hot Water

Most of the time we take shower with hot water in the winter season. Due to washing our hair with hot water as well as taking a shower in hot water, we lose the color of our hair quickly. Therefore avoid taking shower with hot water as much as it is possible. Similarly, prefer showering with pure water so that your hair color may stay for a long time.

Hair Dye Tips

Avoid Using Hair Stylist Tools

Heat in any form not only damages our hair, and hair dye but also causes quick hair fall. Therefore, avoid using electric tools such as hair dryers and hair straighteners. If it is unavoidable then use them rarely or apply anti-heat oil on your hair. This will definitely help in maintaining hair dye for a long time.

Hair Dye Tips

Use Quality & Hair Friendly Oil Once a Week

Always apply some quality hair oil to your hair. It will not only keep your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy but also help in long-lasting your hair color. In this regard, there are different oils such as brassica, almond, and coconut oils that will do it for you.


Hair Dye Tips

Use Vinegar with Water for Long Lasting Hair Dye

Vinegar is also quite helpful in long-lasting hair dyeing. Simply take a few drops of vinegar and add them to water. Apply that vinegar mixed water to your hair and comb them slowly so that this water can reach your complete hair. Vinegar not only coats your hair but also helps in long-lasting hair color. Therefore, use vinegar at least once fortnightly.

Hair Dye Tips

All the above-mentioned hair dyeing tips are research-based and scientifically proven. Therefore, anyone can follow them. These top 10 hair dye tips are so simple that everybody can easily follow them at home. For further reading keep visiting the “Our Fashion Passion” forum.

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