Do Peach Sapphires Have A Lower Price Than Diamonds?

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Sapphires, ah! Sapphires are so beautiful you can’t take your eyes off them. Everything about these precious gemstones makes you want to buy them. For instance, sapphire has so many color options that you can choose from, its hardness is second only to that of diamond, and above all, sapphire is synonymous with royalty. So, everyone gets a kick out of sapphires. If your heart is set on peach sapphires, you should buy these precious stunners. But what are peach sapphires? Do they have a lower price than diamonds? Learn about your favorite sapphire gemstones in this article.

What is a Peach Sapphire?

A peach sapphire is one of the many celebrated varieties of fancy sapphires. The beauty of peach sapphires lies in their soothing and romantic hues. The delicate pastel peach color of these gemstones is greatly desired by women of all ages. Peach sapphires are often confused with padparadscha sapphires. However, these two are different varieties of fancy sapphires. Moreover, peach sapphires aren’t as saturated as padparadscha sapphires.

Why Are Peach Sapphires Coveted?

Women desire peach sapphires because of the feminine hues of these gemstones. The light orangy-pink color of peach sapphires looks wonderful on women. Perhaps that’s the reason why modern women want peach sapphire engagement rings. In addition, peach sapphires look their level best with all types of metals. The alluring color of peach sapphires, when decorated with the warmth of yellow gold, creates a lasting impression on everyone.

The cool vibes of white gold accentuate the light color of peach sapphires like nothing else does. Peach sapphires even look fascinating when paired with rose gold. Imagine wearing a rose gold diamond halo peach sapphire ring. The scintillation of diamonds will make sure that the harmonious combination of peach sapphire and rose gold catches the light.

Do Peach Sapphires Have A Lower Price Than Diamonds?

Yes, peach sapphires have a lower price than diamonds. Although peach sapphires are gorgeous and durable gemstones, they don’t cost more than diamonds. That’s because of the relatively unknown status of peach sapphires. On the other hand, diamonds are the most famous gemstones. They’ve been heavily promoted by DeBeers. The tagline ‘a diamond is forever’ was created by DeBeers in 1947 to promote diamond engagement rings.


Peach Sapphire Jewelry Recommendation

Peach sapphire is a durable gemstone that can be set in all types of jewelry. The hardness and durability of this gemstone make it suitable for both low and high-contact jewelry pieces. You can set a peach sapphire in a jewelry piece meant for everyday wear. You can also choose this gemstone for your engagement ring.

Final Words

Peach sapphires are the perfect gemstones for statement jewelry pieces. Considering their modest prices because of their unknown status, they’re also a great option if you’re on a tight budget. You should adorn yourself with a peach sapphire jewelry piece. The delicate hues of peach sapphire will suit your loving personality. GemsNY has a rich collection of natural peach sapphire stones. So, you should explore their collection to choose one for yourself.

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